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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Payback
Song:   Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)
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Payback, Danny
Let me live man (let 'em live man)
This the last time I'ma do these types of songs, man
Enough is enough
Y'all got me hemmed up over here

[Chorus] - 2X
Silly of me, awwwww silly of me (silly of)
Silly of me, awwwww silly of me (silly of)

[Verse 1]
I guess I had it all wrong
'Cause they ain't checkin' for you 'less you rappin' bout some Adderall or bongs
I could rattle off some songs
But even if I gave you some examples y'all would probably rap along
Fuckin' with these stoner cats
So I made my own wallet, I call it chip-on-the-shoulder rap
But y'all ain't keep him in the pocket
How the hell can I compete when everybody's mimicking 2Pac's shit
I got shit locked like a deadbolt
Tryin' to get my buzz up, gimme just eleven volts
Heaven only knows, if it wasn't for these features
Would you clap for him, or keep him in the bleachers?
Teacher teacher teacher! "Yes, what's the question?"
Tell me what's the ratio between
The results you SHOULD'VE seen
And the time you have invested?
Your time's up
And apparently my clock is tickin' too
Did what I had to do
Left you all to do the math
When this album hits the shelves
They'll probably sue my ass, y'all don't hear me though
Droppin' hints in my lyrics, not here to vent
I'm just tryin' to keep it fresh like a spearmint
This album's my experiment, spinnin' like a pirouette
You givin' up your ears for Lent/lint, or you just don't hear me yet?
All I ever wanted was a couple of write-ups
But here I am in 2011 makin' music in spite of
And needless to say...they try to tell me I ain't lyrical?
Motherfucker, neither are they!
I never claimed to be a Rakim, but goddamn!
I'm beastin' on these niggas lyrically; don't believe me? you're gay
First y'all tell me to collab, then y'all say I need co-signs
And then you tell me go pop
The only thing I'm going for is going for mine
The dopest kid from the South
So I apologize I didn't come into the game
With the sperm
From your favorite rapper's fuckin' dick in my mouth, uh
My credit's good, I don't need co-signs
But I know: you'd rather sleep or you nerds prefer to doubt me
It's not that y'all ain't heard about me
It's just that y'all too indifferent to spread the word about me
Silly me, silly me

[Chorus] (with audio clip by Lil B)

"The game forgot about me at one point
The game shitted on me at one point, ya feel me?
Like, the labels and...ya feel me
So I got a bone, I got a bone to pick with muthafuckas
And I got a stick up my ass, you feel me?
Like, you know what I mean?
And I'm 'bout to shit on a lot of muthafuckas, ya feel me?
Like, because of that..."

[Verse 2]
Sick of Jimmy screamin' that "hit the blogs, nigga"
Pressed to the limit, gotta dog me a nigga
Should I call these niggas out for overlookin' me?
Or should I stoop to their level and reveal the crook in me?
I chose the latter, now watch 'em flock to me
Full speed ahead, sorta like a mock-up Mach 3
Went from slow money, now I'm pullin' Waka Flocka's fee
Still they wanna try to put a pox on my monopoly
Witchcraft and trickery
Bitch asses sick of me
Stitched like my Abercrombie Fitch, black as hickory
Slim like a muh'fucka, Swizzy in the place to be
I'm never relenting, just call me Tenacious D
When I get the last laugh, I'll withhold "I told you so"s
Sike, you hoes already know
They told me "Danny, quit complainin',
Make the music let it speak for itself"
I diiid it, didn't work, now I'm comin' for niggas' necks
Even if it means resortin' to disrespect
I rep for anybody who tried to get it honest
And instead of gettin' respect, they would get admonished
Or worse
Overlooked each time you wrote a verse
I do it for the rappers, musicians and journalists everywhere
The poets and the preachers who got something to share
Who dare to put themselves out there but nobody cares
Man...I feel your hustle dawg, I know it ain't fair
So I'ma be the voice of the underdog, I wanna ball
But I'm younger than 31 and my funds are small
Awww, I'll spare you all my Amadeus routine
And put this LP together by unsavory means
And play the villain, kill 'em 'til I'm in the sky like a million clouds
It's D. Swain, who's the silly one now? Uh