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Artist: Danny! f/ Agallah, El-P, DJ Kay Slay
Album:  Payback
Song:   Shit Starters
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[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Aiyyo, the DJ Kay Slay the Drama King
and I'm rockin with the little homie
Danny motherfuckin Swain!
Producer! Rapper! Actor!
Whatever the fuck you want him to be, ya heard me?
This is the motherfuckin "Payback" album
for you bitch-ass niggaz -- Let's GO!
Oh my goodness, they ain't ready for this one man..
Yo, uh, I'm Clark Kent in the booth, I turn to Swoopyman
You damn right I fuck fans, call me groupie man
Propane is the clique, we get it loopy, DAMN~!
Quiet on the set, action, I'm a movie MAN!
Ag the Don and Danny Swain
We the new Slick Rick and Daddy Kane, y'all niggaz Danity Kane
Pass the champagne, I rep the campaign
I rep Propane, we gooed out, butane
I'm so insane, trained to rock stadiums
They tryna hang with the bars like gymnasiums
I tell you cats to hold ya heads like, craniums
Bullets can't stop the flow, it's titanium
Victory I'm tastin it, paper still chasin it
Top 5 I'm erasin 'em, anthrax I'm lacin 'em
Presidents I'm takin 'em, ragged up, I'm rakin 'em
Whole things I'm breakin 'em, shakedown I'm shakin 'em, CHEA!
[DJ Kay Slay]
Droppin that back-to-back heat at you lame-ass motherfuckers
You already KNOW what time it is
Kay Slay, Drama King, Street Sweepers!
Thanks Kay Slay...
Check it, I only roll with winners (WHAT?!) Never lames
(Uh) I keeps a bad bitch (Damn!), I call her Etta James
(Hahaha!) She got a fat ass (WHOA!), tats for me
Plus the hooker's smart, she do my taxes for me (Here ya go)
I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer (Daaamn!)
Got them guns tucked, inside my penny loafers
(WHAAT~?!) Mayne, it's D. Swain on the track
Got them goons on speed dial in case y'all niggaz wanna scrap (scrap)
Don't let the frame fool ya (uh), I bus' a nigga's head (What?!)
I do my best to school ya, don't trust a bitch with bread (don't trust a bitch with bread)
Cause a hoe with money (uh), she'll call the body snatchers (Daaamn!)
Put a price on yo' head then throw a party after, uh
Ladies and gentlemen, O-M-G
I know you didn't see this one coming
Straight outta Brooklyn, my former boss
Your friend and mine, El -- P!
{*cheers, screams, and applause*}
Yo Danny!
Yo, I need you to get the cab man
and uh, $15 plus tip
Happy to meet you (hey), limped here from a shattered town
Grew into a firefly, shinin where the shadows frown
Where other sinners sin, we limp in unison like cattle prowl
I'll legitimately signify how long those bastards howl
Point out to another man whose morgue had held the haggard down 
I'll point you out a priest who'd never GREETS to Peter Pan and pals
(That's impossible) Wink wink, now that's an automatic party foul
Like cleanin out the bar with Bigfoot's tossed off sanitary towels
Sheh, I'm not cryin wolf unitl the moon is out
Duckin silver bullet kids and pull the flesh off {?} strips
What a zing, the plate of full clips sip gin is ?spin?
who glutted the wasted man, pull the trigger, click and grin
Better have ya floaties on, tighter than a gastric ring
I'll drown you and ya super peers, full of Baby Boomer tears
I'll see you all in hell in flames, I'm chasin city money
Cyclone in a summer, ride my dick until you're sittin funny