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Artist: Danny! f/ Kid Syc
Album:  And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song:   Not The One
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[Verse 1: Kid Syc]
As soon as I seen H.E.R.
Face lit up like a neon
Sign, she was beyond
Fine, approachable, cool
Veins hold freon
Figured she was sick of the same ol' thing, I
Struck up deep conversation on a mission like Recon
Talkin' to her seemed I had known her for eons
Told her that my team was the one she needed to be on
Sending back signals like satellite via
A glass of the vino
She laughed and I'm thinkin'
She could be the Justine to my Theo Huxtable
Must be the cause behind all the shots fired
Reload then we go from zero to hero
Then keep on flyin', passed right by him
Asked about another place and time that we could meet up
She peeped and only told me we could only be amigos
I thought I had it locked but I was peepin' through the keyhole
When she goes...

If you want me for your girl
All you have to do is see
That you're not the boy for me
That you're not the boy for me

[Verse 2: Danny!]
I'm at the spot tryin' to get my groove back like Bassett
But I couldn't get jack like rabbits
No homo, a hell of a buzz with no promo
I ain't talkin' 'bout my hype, I'm talkin' 'bout what's in this cup
That's got me feelin' right tonight, I'm on point like
Phife, seen this cutie in the white
That reminded me of the chick I clicked with on "Move Somethin'"
I'm tryin' to see if she gon' do somethin'
Thought I'd have to pull the "let me be yo' manager" card
But she was like "I already know who you are
And I know you a star, I think your music is a breath
Of fresh air in my chest, yes
so tell me Mr. West, what's next?
I think your third album 'Graduation' is the best", I corrected her quick
Told her who I REALLY was, got a slap on the cheek
This about the third time this shit happened this week, got-dammit!


[Verse 3: Danny!]
Lucked out at the end of the night by any means
When I got this 30+ divorced lady from Queens
Said she liked "Strange Fruit", in that case
We can talk about the ills of the world at my place
So we was chillin' on the bed bumpin' some Isley
Thought I was gonna spread the thighs but she surprised me
When she said "oh like that? You KNOW I don't get down"
I know my homies gonna clown, I let her stick around