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Artist: Danny! f/ Collette
Album:  And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song:   Misery
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[Chorus: Collette and Danny!]
(Misery I, say goodbye)
It's kinda hard to say
But it's time that we part ways, hey
Life ain't impossible
Pain is inevitable but misery is optional
(Maybe if I say goodbye
This one time I'll be set free
Or maybe I'm dreamin')

[Verse 1]
My thoughts are lofty
And to floss would cost me
But I'm awfully thrifty
Not at all Rick Ross, geez
I'm just a member of the working class
That means I go to work, then class
It hurts to have the perfect craft
And not be able to go further than Thurston Ave.
When people tell me I'm the shit, I just smirk and laugh
When people say I ain't legit, it hurts me worse than stabs
Depression gettin' in the way of my blessings
Now I could easily go pop some purple
Pills, load off and curse you and
Still feel like the bouncing egg from Zoloft commercials
A Percocet-addicted
Nervous wreck, ballistic
Twisted nerd infected with a sickness
Worse than hepatittis
Titis, I'm just tryin' to get this stress to stay behind me
Even though it's hard to come up, like when my lady rides me
Find me a way to cope and I'll say that I did it
Misery loves company, but I can't afford to pay her no visits


[Verse 2]
Except this one time
Your boy D-Diggety
Had a dream that Misery
Came to my house invited
I tried to hide, decreased the volume on the TV
Thinkin' she wouldn't notice
Oh this ain't no way to cheat fate
It's Misery, for Pete's sake!
So I let her in, breathin' calm
She told me stories like a veteran, Vietnam
She knew me better than the Mexicans that read my palm
I watched her rummage through old memories I deemed as gone
Like um, like when my lady played me
While the radio wouldn't
Labels that asked for demos and stole my instrumentals, damn
The time that I got expelled
The time they lost the bail
And I was convinced I'd rot in jail
The times I walked through hell, yeah
She mentioned my stillborn with this air of nonchalance
Not even my confidantes are aware of this, I just couldn't bare it
SO I told her to leave, pick up her things because she's stressin' me
We was cool before but Misery gon' be the death of me, I swear
But she just stood there, scared that I might snap
I looked in her eyes and there were years of disappointment starin' right back
And I was scared too, scared of what she would say
But I was embarassed like I, like I sat through three Madea plays
Before she walked away, Misery stopped
And she said "look at your music career, you're in the same spot"
"Nah," I said, "don't even try me
Because you used to stand beside me
But I moved so far ahead you're ninety feet behind me"