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Artist: dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip
Album:  The Logic of Chance
Song:   5 Minutes
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Each night she lays quivering, shivering here
Asking why she keeps forgiving him, hidden in fear
At work she has a glistening, driven career
But at home, with one swing of the fist, it disappears [X2]

She dreams of different ways to break from under his noose
It's one thing to see a path, but it's another to choose it
It's one thing to want to run, but it's another to do it
It's one thing to buy a gun, but it's another to use it

But buy a gun she did, and it made her feel good
She told herself if she really had to use it, she would
The next night, drunk at the end of the bed he stood
She said she'd take it no more and she prayed he understood

But he didn't take to kindly to being put in his place
She fled after the first blow and of course he gave chase
She sat hunched, holding a gun, praying she wasn't pursued
But when the door swung a route, he found her to shoot

She watched in awe as his power cascaded on the floor
It wasn't long before police came bursting through the door
In store, a new prison, enforced by the law
And she let out a whisper with the strength of a roar

For the bad times, I wish you'd just admit and
Never cast a shadow across my bed;
But for the good times, I wish you five minutes
In heaven before the devil knows you're dead. [X2]

Each night she lays quivering, shivering there
I wonder how we came to live in unforgiving despair
I find myself given the delivering stares
As the smell of Glenfiddich starts sieving the air. [X2]

As the bullet flew towards me I swear time stood still
I felt every single emotion that a man could feel;
How did I get here? How could this even be real?
How could I become a person that a loved one could kill?

It wasn't always this way; I once saw love in those eyes
That now just despise and chastise all my lies
My sarcastic replies, each new drunken guise
And first of all these heavy hands which surmised her demise

There was a time when we never thought the honeymoon would end
She was my wife, my lover, confident and my friend
But it seems these days, happiness can depend
On financial stability and the need to contend

But I make no excuse; I let it get this way
Other people live their lives on the minimum wage
I was the one that couldn't cope and let it turn to rage
Now I'm looking down the barrel, playing against the game

For the bad times, I cannot be acquitted or
Let off as the bullet enters my head
But for the good times, I wish for 5 minutes in
Heaven before the devil knows I'm dead. [X2]

Before the devil knows I'm dead