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Artist: Danny Brown f/ ScHoolboy Q
Album:  Atrocity Exhibition
Song:   Pneumonia
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Chorus 2X: Danny Brown w/ ScHoolboy Q ad-libs]
Made 30 bands in 30 minutes
Before I count it, I done damn near spent it
Put a brick on ya in some Rick Owens
Flow sick nigga, call it pneumonia, I'm on ya
[Danny Brown] + (ScHoolboy Q)
Old nigga came in this bitch with a new gun (yea yea)
Clip lookin' like a fuckin' mile long (uhh)
If that shit hits you close range, ya calzone
(Uhh - uhh, yea, yo, yawk yawk yawk yawk!)
Powder stains on my Balmain (uhh, yea)
Slurp that pussy up just like lo mein
If that coke burn my nose, I'ma complain
[Interlude: Danny Brown] + (ScHoolboy Q)
I'm smokin' dope {dope} I'm smokin' dope {dope}
Got a half a pound of artichoke (yea)
Scale broke so we eyeball it (eyeball it)
Her titties out just like New Orleans (uhh, yea)
[Danny Brown]
Mardi Gras, we party hard, she off the soft
My dick head, she celebrate like the world end
And she could be my girlfriend (BEEEEEIIITCH~!!)
Only fuck her on the weekend
Momma found some racks in some dirty jeans
Told her "Keep the money, take 'em to the cleaners"
Threesome watched how this dick came between them
Licked the clit and she did the Macarena
Crib in the forest, deer in my yard
'07, I got locked up, on a charge
Now a nigga got four bank cards
Lookin' like a nigga gotta thank God
Going through a bag like I'm snatchin' purses
Half a key of raw inside my fuckin' verses
Like a surgeon with that scalpel, bring that track to life
Bounce that ass for that pussy, got a appetite
Geeked up, geeked up, pop a pill just like Mike and Ikes
Head sent me straight to the moon with a MAC tonight
Runnin' low on alcohol, nigga gotta make a call
Stay afloat, try not to choke
[Chorus] + [Interlude]