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Artist: Dan-e-o
Album:  Google Me (S)
Song:   Google Me
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[Intro: Dan-e-o]
Aiyyo C man
Yo I was choppin this fine ass girl the other day man
Things was goin good so I asked her for her number
You know what she asked me?
"You on Facebook?" DAAAAAAAMN~!
Why girls always gotta be up on the computer?
Everybody up on the computer spendin hours and hours 
in front of the screen every day
I find the shit so confusin dawg, I swear I hate it
Every time I get on somethin that sucker shit freeze or breaks down
I hate computers and they hate me man I swear

Uhh, nowadays everybody got a dot-com
But yo, this nigga's computer skills is not strong
So whether you got porn or a hot song
It sucks I gotta find a PC to log on
Wish I could drop bombs on this one I bought still
Cause every run of any program I got fails
Girls, why I need a MSN to talk? Hell~!
Since when I need an address to be a HotMail?
Soon as I touch the keys the screen freeze
Every file I save's corrupt by some disease
My disk drive won't open or load my CD's
So fuck your WAV files and your MP3's!
How 'bout an old fashioned phone number to get at y'all?
But some of you ain't got no etiquette at all
Tellin the world you couldn't return my call
through a message on my motherfuckin Facebook wall!

[Chorus: Dan-e-o]
Wanna holla then you might as well - Google me
Need some music that be tight as hell? Google me
Tryin to find my website e-mail? Google me
No underscores, put them dashes in!
Wanna holla then you might as well - Google me
Need some music that be tight as hell? Google me
Tryin to find my website e-mail? Google me
But I just might crash ya shit!

Uhh, I got a curse well-known within my site
Dan-e-o vs. a Mac, you ain't seen a bigger fight
I know to most of y'all the internet is really hype
But a gigabyte's like kryptonite to this nigga life
I can't believe I gotta pay for this service
Always shuttin down through uncontrollable surges
Use my friend's laptop, he gets nervous
Preferred it, when @ symbols had no purpose
Why, Facebook and My-Space look
so appealin to people who sit at home and waste good time?
With haste you'll find, a place with fine
followers of a system to stay online
Sign, yourself up and lose
your privacy cause even I can see who you choose
to be friends with, you got tagged bein a flooze
in a pic, you never wanted your man to peruse


[Interlude: Dan-e-o]
Type it in your search field and off you go
Check YouTube for the video leaks
But fuck a chat room, that's a place for freaks
Spell it right, that's all you need to know
No longer do we need a telephone to speak
And you'll probably find out who I fucked last week

Uhh, yeah.. uhh
To tell the truth I used to see it as a phase
But now I kinda like how fans are pleased to engage
in convos, and how my condo fees to be paid
Now I could really use a Wikipedia page
Though to this day I still don't know what Twitter is
But leavin me messages help to get ya clitoris
Though me and computers still got a little bitterness
Wanna find me online? Well yo, HERE IT IS~!

[Chorus] - 2X

[Dan-e-o] Ha ha ha ha