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Artist: Dan-e-o
Album:  Dilla Pickles
Song:   Yesterday
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[Chorus: Dan-e-o]
Yes-ter-day, woulda been the perfect time to tell ya 'bout my love
Yes-ter-day, I could have opened up my soul
Yes-ter-day, shoulda been the day I poured my heart out to ya but
Yes-ter-day, feels like a whole lifetime ago

Yes-ter-day, I had you in my arms
A magic mood of warmth, a passion true to form
Angelic, a relic that would never do me no wrong
Forever regrettin that you were so brutally harmed
How do I prove in this song that I knew you was the bomb
But wasn't suited to warrant, the truth of who I belonged
to when I knew in my heart, you had it palpitatin
Salivatin, had no patience just to have you naked
Yo, it was magic makin love, it was a massive statement
Your capital V that's sacred, I dastardly had to take it
Actually mad amazed when you'd happily back the statement
Instead of infatuation that you loved this half-Jamaican
I was a bastard shamefully, I had your innonence
But in a sense, my inference was insulence, indifference
And selfishness, can't even explain my senselessness
Leaving you for the opposite of what a princess is


Yes-ter-day, I got single again
This mistress I had let be my significant friend
viciously dissed me and went to be with frivolous men
Now I'm hurt by this worthless serpent who slipped into sin
Now every minute I spent with her is meaningless when
I think your sweetness was sent from heaven, it's so intense
That I feel there is no end, to our true connection
How is it, after all these years, I didn't lose affection?
How do I prove we're destined after my cruel deception?
And get a new assessment to replace your dude who's desolate
Yo, I feel truly desperate, I lose when I'm contested
With the confidence that I'm worthy to freely express this
Now I'm fully depressed, it's better I leave you be
What gives me the right to feel I want you to be with me?
Though your forgiving nature treats me with leniency
Ain't got a bad bone in ya, 'cept the one that I wish you could see


Yes-ter-day, they walked you down the aisle
I forced my frown to smile, I guess you found your style
Heard you announced your vows without the sign of a cloud
I sit in silence and doubt that I can balance this out
Wow, you're convincingly grounded and now
I hear the sound of a child in the background of a dialed
call, cause it's now been a while, and I thought you was lyin
When you told me that noise was cause your daughter was cryin
Oh my God! Now I'm dyin, straight up caught in a bind then
Thinkin it's sort of a sign to address my altered alignment
See, I'm lost in this blindness, most frought with this mindless
notion we ain't supposed to be tyin the knot that is timeless
You're a goddess that I missed bein a husband with
Would give my thumb and wrist, just to get a hug and kiss
Nothin is as tough as this, now I see our love exists
And I want the world to know as if I told this to my publicist


Yes-ter-day {*4X*}