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Artist: Dan-e-o f/ Ian Kamau
Album:  Dilla Pickles
Song:   Legacy
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[Chorus: Dan-e-o]
While I'm here let me shine my light
To discover all the love in sight
As long as I'm blessed to speak
I'll be workin on my legacy
Cause I don't wanna live my life
And leave nothin left behind
So while the Lord lets me breathe
I'm workin on my legacy

Yo, just finished watchin Michael Jackson's memorial
Unimaginably impactful and historical
Heaven's oracle, taught that the world can be horrible
But he implored you to find the divine from the deplorable
How did you make an aberration adorable?
How did you steer off infection when killer bees were swarmin you?
How do I ensure the impossible is affordable?
How do I make a change cause my voice is recordable?
Mike, I thought of you when I was writin this verse
To fight off the curse, the opposite of what you'd find worse
As you ride in that hearse, may I convey what pride I have burst
It finally works, I realize I shine on this Earth
While you were a strong stomper I was just a meek creeper
But MLK said be proud if you a street sweeper
And Al Sharpton ruffled and woke up the deep sleepers
and told your kids it's strange the world fought a peace keeper
You know what I find strange? I find it strange that you're gone
You know what I find wrong? To write your name in this song
in the past tense, it's strange I'm remainin this strong
Cause since I was born, the top is where your reign has belonged
I cried today, but Michael Jackson I'm alive to say
with platinum and diamonds you've paved and aligned the way
for me to see my future's filled with many brighter days
And I'm here to leave a legacy behind to stay


[Ian Kamau]
Uhh, yeah... I am basking in the light
of a single star, skin blacker than the night
Walking on the moon, one small step
I'll be leaping soon, we all get
confused, down forever, a child and it's true
I'm a lost boy too but not as lost as you
In dreams, I realize reality
is living on a Earth with a fallacy, move
Galaxies made like molecules built
And who is that peeking in my window sill?
There's a light in the night that we can't see
And darkness feels a lot like me
I'm so free, midnight marauder with a hood over head
Trying to escape words I should not have said
I hope they don't notice
I keep the world in focus - breathe


[Outro: Ian Kamau]
Yeah, ah, haha
Yes~! Uh, yeah
And we still moonwalkin {*echoes*}