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Artist: Da Monstar Mob f/ Ammo, Dirty Dick, Doc Doom, Huesane
Album:  Operation Takeover
Song:   Mission Impossible
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Doc Doom]
We west bound, Black Knights, Navigators
Regulators, nigga, serving all you bitch ass niggas
Real quick, my nigga Dirty Dick is in the house
Mix Jive, killa tracks, Huesane
Who bang? Wu-Tang, nigga, we do, we do, we do
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, muthafucka
Check this shit out, check...

[Doc Doom]
Aiyo, play your position, I cut niggas short like intermission
My rap conviction'll shot niggas like suspension
Often call out, my rhymes too hot, fog competitors
Stuck perimeters, like ninjas, panthers or predators
The editor, of your rap pattern and glass shattering
Like bar fights, my click shine bright like jack o' lanterns
The veteran, Victor Von Doom, perscribes the medicine
For all these hip hop headaches, my shit's Excederin
The Wu letterman, spitting the fabulous, hazardous
Shit that'll flip ya wig kid, like acid tablets
Immaculate is how the gods come, everytime black
My words mean, and burn through your skin like some anthrax
On contact, ready for combact, the bare facts
The Black Knights'll bust through your barrier
Like an Amtrak train

[Dirty Dick]
Pass the gat, Doc, where they at? Point 'em out
Park, I'mma jump out and let the guns bark
Show these niggas what time it is
I come to do this shit like I handle biz
These muthafuckas used to play for cheap
I'm bout to hit 'em wit the gat, sweep 'em off they feet
Fucking wiht Dick, could be a problem homey
I don't give a fuck, so act like you know me
If I don't, I prove my point with the pen and the pad
Haha, your rhymes make me laugh
I stagger, when I'm on some shit
I don't give a fuck cuz I'm known to freak your bitch
Rub her tits, bend her over and smack it
I don't give a fuck, give respect to me, dammit
Daddy's home, on the microphone, I flex
I hit niggas up, what's next?
Niggas can't fuck with the West Coast Killa Beez
Knocking, stombing, knocking down trees
With The Navigators guiding the way
Niggas don't play, every day, all fucking day

[Chorus: Doc Doom]
Mission impossible, to step to this click is illogical
Navigators, please direct 'em to the hospital
Killa Bee empire is responsible, we unstoppable
Mission impossible, Navigators, please direct 'em to the hospital
Having beef with this click is illogical
Killa Bee empire is responsible, we unstoppable

I curb serve ya, short circuit the black market
Complex reflex, snatching the moving target
Well guarded, sergeant and arming your emergency alarms
Like an UM Agent, get it back arms tonight
I gave The Source mics, broke it down to the blood type
One star wit stripes like the Puerto Rican flag
Sag cuz it's build right, never brag skills tight
Sike, beyond the four wheels, twirl in reality until I hurl
And can't shake the taste, history unknown
Probably better demonstrate
Nigga, fucking wit us, your life's a waste, we take you out to grace

When I come across wit it, comes the Holocaust wit it
Floss wit it, take a loss wit it, I'm the boss wit it
Get your jaw slitted, if you disrespect I
By the blades of the matress, and move wit a necktie
Drop a rhyme like a guillotine, and when you intervene
They come between you just like the making of the bible scene
Fully emerge, not given a chance to dispurse
My wicked freestyle, I pick apart your fever herse, verse left ya
Lyrically cursed with my fucking rap game
Put a block on the brain, make you forget your rap name
Fuck it, I might as well finish you
All I gotta do is spit another rhyme to diminish you

Operation Takeover, the game's over
These lame flowers can't hang wit the same soldiers
I toss MC's across the country in range rovers
You couldn't drop hot shit if your cola was a flame thrower
Don't even call the ambulance, you don't have a chance
A battle dance crash land like an avalanche
My shadow plans like battering rams, I scatter your clam
To disappear like alakazaam
My plan is advanced, like a scientific hybrid
You couldn't see my rhymes if I wrote it on your eyelid
Silence, cuz my violence is known to stomp guys
Hit wit connections like prize fighters with mob ties
Flow been beyond time, if your voicebox was quarantine
Rhymes wouldn't be fatter if you increased the font size
So why flow, kid? Victory is quite hopeless
You couldn't win wit three Clan judges using the White Lotus
My flow is rough and smooth like Spike lotion
My potions, make your body move in hype emotions
My intelligent grossing is too ferocious
I rotate your eyeballs, so you can focus
Maybe then you would notice, your crew is fogus
And if you provoke us, we wet your squad like Super Soakers