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Artist: Da Monstar Mob f/ Huesane
Album:  Operation Takeover
Song:   Creepin'
Typed by: Cno Evil

What's that? Is that the wind? No, it's footsteps
Oh, no, oh, don't let this be happening to me
It's just my imagination, oh, no, they're coming nearer
They're coming nearer, oh, my heart is pounding
Stop, I got to stop the pounding, cuz they're gonna hear me

"The mind tricks the body, body thinks the mind is crazy" - Buckshot sample 4X

[Intro: Skarekrow]
The unstoppable army, knowhatimsaying? Huh, huh, huh, huh
Yo, Mark of the Beast production, bringing it live to ya mind
Youknowhatimsaying, Sector 7 is live in effect
We got all my soldiers in here bout to drop millions of bombs
Peep, peep

Yo, Sleepy Hollow nightmare, attacking in ya slumber
Black Sun, with twin lightning gun, spitting thunder
Just when you run away, and escape to a dark fortress
We coming after you, riding on stallion horses
Swinging iron swords that cut spinal cords
Mind control, jet nitro, the night to fall
My brainwaves produce energy blades to slice
That's when my tongue transform to a high tech torture device
Guzzle magic potions, while soaking in acid lotion
Deliver pipe bombs to the wack, scatter your back open

Blood smeared in snow, subliminal imagery
Hummingbird to an orchard, that's mineral chemistry
It's a frigid heavy poisonous hood, poly hydroxy
Venom containing ninety eight toxins, crash the concoction
Deadliest of the species, I'm produced by planet animal
Cane before Abel is cannibal, understandable
Fishing in Antarctic, I'm strapped like the chief
Started calling niggas marks, cuz they act like the beast
Dirty ape, streaky brandy, monkeys in the Couversaire
Before you knew boundaries, celebrate Murder Nazi Day
P.S. to L.A. Gandhi, quarters away and doorags
Purple bee flowers, roll tightly, light up a new bag
Domino sugar crossaints, seven names
Watermelon apple licorice, spices, eleven chains
Heaven rains

Seven things, retract and hang from my molars
Hunting for game, I thurst for blood when I'm sober
Soul controller, hotter than solar, colder than colder
My flow is sicker than ebola mixed with Coca Cola
Lyrics call back like chorus, before attacking your soldiers
My house packed with a dosage of radioactive explosives
Concepts are mythical, pass scientifical
My biochemical, make up expired miracles
Formerly, pigs are at war wit me, cuz normally
My speech is inside price, like Florance and Normandy
Feds want drama, cuz they know I've been riding
And they know my style's the bomb, like Osama Bin Laden
They been watching, plus they know my phonics was organamic
And my mouth wit jakes turning objects, with southern burning comments
Homicidal insiders, make it hard for idle spirits
Spiral lyrics, paint holy pictures, like hieroglyphics
It's over wit, I grab the mic from a hostler quick
If you never face death yet, you real close to it
I'm known to spit, revolution like the Bolsheviks
So many punchlines, I leave the spot with swollen fists
Notice this, hit wit bruises, the higher use
Suffer hits to ya body, like John Gotti using karate
What you producing is folly, you wanna play arch villain?
I ask you how you feeling, when your wig start spilling

Open up the door, please, open
Please door open, I'm trapped, I'm trapped
Everything's so dark, what's happening?
Get me out of here, get me out of here

I paralyze punchlines, me and mine, cut the lunch line
Scuffle for meal tickets cuz it's sick
How they trick it off, direct kick-off'll blow ya shit off
And be home hitting blunts in time for kick off
Going through your lunchbox, break bread to a beat box
Head hunt live stock, vocabulary keys
Open beat locks, tribe of the trees
Like the Ewoks, unseen like the Book of Enoch
In original context, too complex to test
With the obvious, it's ananymous
You should be anonymous, I'm keeping a promise
When I blast you Uncle Thomases
For kicking them lines, I heard a million times
Off your never mind, gets the grossest kind
Drop a double doses of explosives
In your spine, leave you bent worse than scoliosis
Long Beach MC's doing the mostest

"The mind tricks the body, body thinks the mind is crazy" - Buckshot sample 4X