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Artist: Da Monstar Mob f/ Huesane, Scientific
Album:  Operation Takeover
Song:   Blue Apples
Typed by: Skellington, VoooO_36, Knowledge God

[Intro: Holocaust]
Hatchet in his head
We'll role them up in a carpet
Carry them up the staircase....

An American in Paris, florist winter gardener
Lumberjack competition out on the hillside
Roam if you want to, all around the world
Two small revolvers swing, astound the girls
Behind the music, flavour of candy apples
Gunfight in 'Alamo Bay'. bring your sweater
Envelope letter torn open with bowie knife
Outlaw Engine Joe hold the roses
A bouquet for death, red birds that tell us
I'm engaged to a shotgun and it gets jealous
You came out of the anus of an earthworm
Never test the matinee fiend
The name is Holocaust the Architect, Man with No Name
_____, feed those for Daniel, hanging like a mink
Polynesian drinks, I'm spilling like what I think
Everything and the kitchen sink, we limbo
Out with Veronica, Archie and the murderers
Blue, yellow, green, red, orange and peppermint
Two ice cookies knock you out the window
Hit by the flagpole, I'm Archie Mirage
Hey nice to meet you, looking just like the paper
Genesis to David's stone lyric engravement
Caught in a meteor shower run for cottages
Pipe bomb at the Olympics bring your ball cap
A life that's less ordinary
The bra strap of Elmira Maddock and rhyme swervy
A suitcase bomb overcoat and derby

Original man from outer space, Lance we come
Bones constructed of black stone adamantiums
Spirituals spasms on lyrical tantrums
Terrorize MCs 'cause I specialise in smashing atoms
Mic blows like a lantern
A ring of light comes around it like Saturn
In an revolving like pattern
Wearing visors so my light shine won't burn you iris. Son
And break you down like crossovers from Allen Iverson
Sent by the twenty four who made Elijah come
To communicate and illuminate horizons like the rising sun
Command my flow like Moses did the Red Sea
Test me and I'll unfold more scrolls than the Dead Sea
My team will wreck you whenever we bring the sector
From Medina and Mecca, hit the scene and prefect you
Spirit men appearing to hover above the meridian
Fiddling with little people 'til the next millennium
Sending them actual facts, these means got them scary
Coming with more star tracks than Gene ______
Golden object, well equipped with broken logic
I'ma kidnap your planet and hold it hostage

Yo, before you respect you best to retrospect
I'm like an electric connecter whip
Blew up and turn your mouth into an erector set
The force and my presence makes you swerve like James Evans
The microphone's a manmade weapon, they can't phase the setting
One half, when I'm finished there's gonna be a bloodbath
But cops dying in Compton from glocks and gun blasts
With one glass your hands go nervous because my sole purpose
Is to erase those worthless devils from the globe's surface
And renovate the house, run up in them like penetrating the mouth
The pinnacle of lyrical skills taking you out
Dedicated to every ghetto, rhymes designed to bury devils
When I hit them in the head with guitars like heavy metal
My nitro rhyme flow strikes foes like rhinos
With hits to the head like hydro
Igniting your dome like Michael Jackson
I'm praying they're fast, in for your last day's subtraction
You show and prove to beat the devil through your ways and actions

Disasters in America, seven days in Belgium
A lake full of thirty silver nails
A bitter stand off, a patient dies in Korea
Tropical lullabies, stark raving mad
A late shift tundra wind, October sky
Indian rain, the world a commercial
Moonset beach, 'Islands in the Stream'
Sliding in revolving doors, pearly blue
Decode equation, Ally chase Brother Wolf
Mandarin drama, slice of life, Bahamas
The outlaw years, vallium tenth inning
Hot off the grill, loud flames Vanessa, out to lunch
Alien cargo to Alaska, high on health, beat sweat
Pat and Sophie, 'Music from Another Room'
Taxi Impala, bullets for the evening
Shooting fish and cargo, Michelangelo, Picasso
Casablanca, Maltese equal 'Doctor Zhivago'
The crossing got cruel intentions, familiar
Frankenstein's children, whom God's destroyed
Two short films, Malasars give and take
Red glass pyramids, underwater crystal balls
Don't knock the twist, prize-fighter ferocious
Food is better then money, say it backwards
Grumpy old men, professor's strange dreams
Whisked firm saw maker, day at the power plant
'The Man Show', 'A World Apart', city door shop explodes
Chocolate diarchy, decorated cakes, knuckles in December
Hospital room, 20-3-20, rusty circuit breakers
The splitting of atoms
Love story, squeaky new shoes, spines and skulls
The young prisoner's handbook, 'Dusting Cliff 7'
'Falcon and the Snowman' from the Taj Mahal
Angel redeemer, corrupting the Devil
Mentally unhooking the stars
But they froze to death on their horses
Now we all ring the drum slowly