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Artist: Dälek
Album:  Abandoned Language
Song:   Stagnant Waters
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[MC Dälek]
On the blocks of lot, mysteries they not
Men and women shed tears when our peoples get shot
Multipled fears turned personal flock
Gossip don't read but let no man walk
Water stay wet unless we forget
Innate failures of corrupt government
Child wonders where and why her mother went
Whole communities not fed
Declare martial, law instead, derailed all progress
In acts of the Congress caused lies, tide rise
'Til a fool let bellies levy
A saturated heart stays heavy
Can't help but wonder if my masses stand ready
Revolutions cost lives, but an idle mind's deadly

Beg for exodus, y'all where's that plateau?
Thrown to wolves by our own
Can't trust a single soul, shoulda known
Carcass lay prone in stagnant waters
Epitaphs have no authors, patient paupers
My nation of martyrs, turned mourners
We all led to slaughter
Last breath on street corner

[MC Dälek]
Surmise ill situations devised to kill me
Seperated families back when they enslaved us
Made refugees of taxpayers, truth slayer
Lives burned like papers, our souls bare
Yo I need my peoples (WE RIGHT HERE)
Gotta fight tense with fists son (WE DON'T CARE)


[MC Dälek]
Yo, yo, yo
Coroners crept the same corridors
Fear of death left once you slept with the raw
Mathematics once taught to men by the wars
Lost the Spanish eyes view, what mines is yours
Who invented me and sliced through the nine whores
Suggest your whole rep for nine more, divine swords
Chop neck of the wicked, wound self-inflicted
Dub the Earth's plates shifted
Cracks in foundations of systems
Watch the sun rise from a distance, defines what we missin