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Artist: Dälek
Album:  Abandoned Language
Song:   Bricks Crumble
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[MC Dälek]
Spit vernacular, tactical racks attain status
Spectacular terrains ingrained in deep patterns
Possible protest view that's progress
With minimal steps one tends to digress
Devise verbs, to act basic balance
Beneath bricks, lie meanings and challenge
Average actors are quick to non-factors
You formulate your prose disasterous
Enamored by text, temper throws my words straight molten
Only be perceived by the chosen
Same tree still grows in Brooklyn, visibly mistooken
Maintain paint constantly central in booking
Mental erodes like canyon rock, pure sediment
On ashes evolved past sensible, need

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Militant speech type of male be the rocker
Await actions from heads that ain't proper
Words strengthen emotions they force the
bricks crumble under feet of this author

[MC Dälek]
Simplified existance is those core elements
To weave through concrete still seems irrelevant
Irrational acts accentuate our arrogance
Assassin's arrows aimed at the affluent
Some stuck to pavement, we hold no influence
Maintain the statements we're lost of our innocence
Inexact science, defined by own sense
Designed under minds of past tense
Tulmultous results raise broward towers
Debated innated abilities amongst oceans of cowards
Conceived concept convinced elusive
The value of a voice seen in movements
Melancholic lyrics became the mundane in this maze
Await my cohorts with verbal tirades

{*scratching and instrumental interlude*}

[Chorus] - 2X