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Artist: Dainjamental f/ 9th Prince, Crunch Lo, Dom Pachino, Polite, Rubbabandz, Shyheim
Album:  Utopia
Song:   Ambush
Typed by: Cno Evil

"Ambush! Ambush!"

Yo, disastrous, master this, son, I major fast for this
Blasphemous MC's, Rebel Dainja is the last of this
Faster flip, on a bitch ass, nigga, and smash your shit
Crash your crib, splash your kids, celebrate with a glass of Crys'
Observe the south, niggas heard the wise and stole my merchandise
Observe the spies with the mack, from certified to murder guys
Rippin' lead at your vision, the night of the living dead
Give the dread the laws, bury your corpse under the river bed
War scorping your doors, and left your fucking jaw broken
Soft spoken MC's, ran off to the north choking
Facing the AK, facing your face, I'm blazing the place
You raising your trace, you better recite your Amazing Grace, nigga

[Crunch Lo]
So how you figure, you can stand the pain, stand the rain
When it drops like acid, things become drastic
Bodies snatch crowns, body towns, hell's angels
Back niggas into ninety degree angles
Mic cord strangle, dangle from a tree limb
Ten three ten, drama begin, let me speak to you
Benny Hill, reach on you five through a snozzle
Serve rap fiends with the raw and a bottle
Colossal giant in black fatigue, got some weed
Two ox's in the mouth, jumping off in Club Speed
Nigga please, I spit rabidly, casual Boss Hog
Catastrophe accur, if you ever lick the cross on

Yo, the sharp scriptures, warrior tales, real generals
Move like third world criminals
Never reveal, keep silent, quiet your tongue
Never speak violence, ill alliance, full of small giants
Beef climbing, them niggas on the stand lying
Slugs flying, but in the hood, the good's dying
Six niggas and they armed with big pistols
The hardware's official, hollow head missiles, niggas

I'd rather, run with thugs, then hang with pretty boys
Hold my wild ghetto ass niggas make noise
Everywhere we go, you know my M.O.
Rep Staten Island, Stapleton let it be known
Stay smoking a bone of the sticky
I hypnotize these hoes like Biggie, Biggie, Biggie
Drink the Henny straight with a razor, next to my gums and teeth
Spit out like saliva, if I get in the beef
I'm quick to cut a nigga, just because I got cut
It's how I feel, I'm a hot head, I don't chill
You like kids that got jumped, everyday after school
I would fuck you up, but I don't wanna blow my cool

Yo, total disaster, buckle up, nigga
Spit rhymes that'll crash ya, drunken monk style bring it to your fucking master
The ghost is back, and it's not friendly the Casper
Coming after the candy rapper
Slash ya off the roster, hip hop imposter
You hotter than Nevada, I'm colder than an iceberg in Alaska
True master of my style, off the meat rack, natural reaction, wow

[Dom Pachino]
Shut the fuck up, hit the floor, Dainja lock the backdoors
I'm about to make some blood pour like a waterfall
Spitting razors out the jaw, love it hardcore
Ambushing niggas head, in the bathroom stall
Barely breathing, niggas reason, pleading stressed the fuck kout
Hairline receading, I'm in town
It's just the showdown, guns drawn, you war pawns getting blowned down
The Terrorist said silence, no fucking around

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, I spit verses, that'll bury you beneath the surface
I'm murderous like voodoo curses, 9th Prince forever nervous
Analog niggas is short circuit, kill or be killed is the purpose
Guns and roses where the Earth is, musical apocalypse
Run up in the label and hold the A&R for a hostage
Lyrics of raw footage, who's with it, go ahead and spit it
The weed and dust makes me kill shit (kill shit)

"You'll get ambushed"
"Yo, Lord, you don't escape, wanna do a muthafucking drive-by" 4x