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Artist: Daddy Rose f/ 20 Grand Pikasoe, AZ, Amil, Saulhaudin
Album:  The God
Song:   Welcome to Brooklyn
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(AZ talking)
Yeah, it's Brooklyn, BK
As we know, uh-huh-huh
Welcome into our world, welcome
Sosa of the game, A to the Z
Daddy Rose, Amilion, feel me

Its BK fo'reala, niggas stay guerilla
Respect game, if not, respect these flames
I'ma throw shots to niggas, respect the name
It's Brooklyn, we on top of the food chain
And it's only for this mothafucking game we came
I can get down with niggas and let off rounds
Or head outta town with niggas and set up grounds
However it goes down, I'ma shut shit down
The streets got me on some I don't give a fuck now
Too straight, I'm back out with two big gauge
And can't wait for a mothafucka to screw they face
I'm so thirsty and won't show no mercy
Dust out severely, so don't urk me
Dunlap's on the red drop, ready to pop
Lock shop on the whole block, ready or not
Its Brooklyn

(Chorus) Saulhaudin
From Brownsville to East New York, guns talk
From Fort Greene to Bed-Stuy, niggas die
From Bushwick to Flatbush, wigs push
The land where the killers dwell
From Brownsville to East New York, guns talk
From Fort Greene to Bed-Stuy, niggas die
From Bushwick to Flatbush, wigs push
The land where the killers dwell
Welcome to Brooklyn

[Daddy Rose]
Welcome to the jungle where hope crumbles, dope bundles
Niggas rise to the top and fall off, smoke jumbles
I'm from the grimy soil
My crimey's bag coke in aluminum foil
Ready rocking man his jaws, that's where the water boil
Diesel stashed in the right so it won't spoil
The land of the unloyal, whoever getting the most scrilla
Niggas will gun fo' ya
Better have your hammer cocked; niggas will come fo' ya
The home of Tyson, the Brooklyn house
Face slicing, mean mugging, screw faces
Bang at each other all night, sticking up new faces
Catch a new cases; 1-800-COP-SHOT, Central Booking
Remove shoe laces, hoochies, hookers and hotties
Blood, Crips, Godbodies, nines, grenade, hump shotties
On the roof is where they dump bodies
I represent Brownsville nigga; Welcome to Brooklyn

(Chorus) Saulhaudin

[20 Grand Pikasoe]
Click your heels three times and if you wind up here
You gotta pay a toll shorty
You would think my mack at hands the way it hold forty
Ain't no smile on my face, we the grittiest
You in denial, call a jake
These two twin Desi will have your child on the wakes
You ain't balling, you outta bounce
Before the player from the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers
Where the pitchers on the mound snorting ye'
And my son Ricardo moving quarter pounds, everyday
Somebody tell this kid, I don't understand this understanding
But I move wit a cannon and I blame where he standing
Lift him off the canvas, fuck asking, I'm demanding
When the gat spit, leave 'em gasping for an ambulance
If it wasn't for this rap shit I'd be in the back strip, scrabbling
Or in the strip spot wit a black fifth, gambling
It's Pikasoe; Welcome to Brooklyn

Uh, uh, uh, Amilion
Yo, petite like a sword off double-barrel
Yo, find this bitch up in some ROC apparel
I'm the best kept secret of all times
Fire, the only thing you can call mine
And, just for the record lyric's all mine
Yo, bitches know when to draw the line
Amilion never babysit the mic
I'm the type of bitch you can maybe get to like
Uh, but Berlin at the Penske's
When the market rate was 28 in the v
20 Uptown, now we pushing Bentley's around
Look how many niggas Brooklyn stay shutting down
I'm one of BK's finest, rocking all the hot designers
Clique been sick since mine
Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, nigga come find us
Yeah, this joint here is just a reminder, nigga