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Artist: Daddy Rose f/ Heltah Skeltah
Album:  The God
Song:   Not in Here
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Sean Price]
First of all you bitch niggas acting all fucking silly's
See and they recognizing how real this rap shit could really be
Fortify Colt 45 like I'm Billy Dee
Pop you, you will do for killas be filergy
Sean Price nice with rhymes, y'all not feeling me
Till I slap niggas now y'all feeling me literaly
It'll be a cold day in hell 'fore you see Ruck
You'd rather see O.J. in a cell
Type the one to run up on your block party
Jump off a dirt bike
Spit physical flame to the crowd straight hurt mics
And fuck out with this bitch 'cause her skirt's tight
She ain't giving up no fucking pussy 'cause you turned nice
Snatch your chain 'cause I figured that's worth like...
Two, three hundred, gas money to the turn pipe
Next thing I know Helicopter and a searchlight
Dang, I gotta go

(Chorus) Rose + (Sean Price)
Ruck, Rock and Daddy Rose
('Cause who we got in here?)
Where y'all going with that bullshit?
(But not in here)
Fuck y'all clown niggas
(Loud and clear)
You could do what you wanna do
(Not in here)
Brownsville dawg
(Who we got in here?)
Where y'all going with that bullshit?
(But not in here)
Fuck all y'all clown niggas
(Loud and clear)
You could do what you wanna do
(Not in here)

[Daddy Rose]
Daddy Red Rose my last name, nigga perceive with caution
Coming bling-blinging y'all won't be leaving flossing
I'll break the pie down and eat in portions
Throw five balls at the crab and leave 'em scorching
The smoke from the cannon leave 'em coughing
Fuck a bitch then break out 'cause Daddy leave 'em often
Y'all like birds who don't fly South, y'all freeze in Winter
Fall off and die just like trees in Winter
We're in the project with hammers cocked waiting for the Ds to enter
I'm surrounded by petty thieves and Petro-gods
Thugs who're brand new in the game like mint car
Like hoes with Gonorrhea, my gun's they discharging
Brownsville to Nova, hit captains then we hit sergeants
Laying shit down with the Ruck sitting in the Rasta
I'm Daddy Rose aka the Glocksta
Put your brain in your pasta
Now you remain sleeping with the lobsters
Clowns I lay 'em down like sleepy babies
Soon as they blink their eyes they meet through 80's
I'm cross between Napoleon mind and the Holiest Mind
He's sober on the Satan but his rollie is mine

(Chorus) Rose + (Sean Price)

Yo, you know they bumping investors up the block
You better cop that shit, pop that shit
Get shot that quick, that's it
Rock back-flips y'all chumps, diss y'all punks
Blow up the spot by all the ugly fat chicks y'all hump
I know too much, I get you touched
I'm well connected; your moms will stick you up
She singing Heltah Skeltah shit but ain't perfected
Brownsville I'm repping it, we move in disguise
'Cause niggas here to name and they expect some shit
Aww damn!!! Who da fuck let Rock and Ruck in here?
Where? Where? Over there, they cut their hair
Confused yo ass for two 'fros in the 2 O O O
Oh but still bumming like a Yugo
Steal a Jag, chip yo front teeth yo
Hit hard this life in the group home