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Artist: Daddy Rose f/ Amil, Black Jesus
Album:  The God
Song:   Money
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Amil talking)
Daddy Rose, cha-ching
Amilion, uh-uh-uh

________ half-tops on it old blessed drops
Every three months dealership stops to swaps
Can't drive the same shit too long
That's how a bitch get crept upon, stepped upon by anti-don
Whip shit out, perpetrators left and gon'
And as far as getting slept up on, damn right I'm fucking
Reverse fucks pop two in your nuts
Bust out, chest out like who in the fuck?
Y'all niggas can't do me none
Switch up the look _______ Susie Chung
Who me? I'm smarter then average whore?
Can't re-more to Mandy Moore
You playing in my Ford, to land my court
Just when you thought it was safe, three more in store

[Daddy Rose]
Uh-uh-uh, yeah, c'mon Millie, what up baby?
Ok, it's Daddy goddamnit, ass and poppa
I like my silk creamy like milk in my cash-ment proper
Catch a bitch creeping down my ass, blast and drop her
I'm 24-karat, dawg you brassed and copper
C-74 men-tile, spit the awesome, chop your hind
Holyfield, I hold the scheme, got no time to box ya
Catch you slipping in the church around your congregation
Throw seven at your Reverend, you wanna gamble?
You're sweet like Tevin - Campbell
I'm a Brownsville nigga, we tote big guns and we scramble
Animals wit' it, faggots stunned get beat with the handle
In '83 I used to dance and be a vandal
Spiritual insight like the Prophet Daniel
Or like a broad wrapped in God's obedient with the proper sandals
Take the head wrap off, get down for the proper scandal
The God be the light in the candle
Come to my hood iced up like Frosty the Snowman
You get sliced up; my niggas' are wild like Conan
Tie up your man, and see your mamma in your hand

What? Amilion baby...

Yo, I come off like a chain in a robbery
Doing 90 on the Hutch they call me Starsky
And Amil is now spelled with an apostrophe
So when you emphasize this, you do it properly
Bitch I sold out demons in all 50 states
Go before I drop when they ship the crates
I get love on the block from Fifth Street to Gates
The hate, only makes me switch the plates
If you can't maneuver fast cars hit the brakes
Keep in mind how these ?snitch-men? pick debate
Amilion a/k/a Angie Dickinson (No doubt)
Make niggas trick on me then make 'em trick on my friends
(Keep it coming; keep it coming)
Major point, cash out till they're sick within (Uh-huh)
Cop trucks, I got the twin kidney grill with 'em
Uh, you can look but you can't touch
Sorta like a crook who just can't bust, what?

[Black Jesus]
Where I live at - niggas drink 40's and six packs
Ghetto life, bet we all feel the impact
Young kings hand the tent flat
Queens learn to bend back and give head
Wasn't for rap would've been dead
Streets had me mislead with no option
Dro' copping, stay, skits, beat, show stopping
Rap for the streets, hoe's watching
Ask "who dat?" They call 'em Eastside
He a cool cat, in other word he's the man in charge
He the kid that you see camouflaged
Used to sell crack at an abandoned cars
Outer space like planet Mars, bag mami's in Spanish bars
Stab wounds and battle scars
Challenge God and get your feelings hurt, kneel in dirt
He ain't here to play games, he here to work
My niggas rap, smoke on weed like cigarettes
And vocal tones alone get chickens wet
When I blaze chicks make 'em cum, off Jamaican Rum
E&J, plus he the spray, we ain't faking none, raised in the slums
Hundred ways to get funds, twisted nights
Hell knife, razors and guns, carry swiss blades
No nigga stabbed since sixth grade
They don't be busting them guns they're bitch made
Jesus of rap, my degrees is in tact
Violate, get a black God a reason to clap
When I spit on tracks niggas be like "DAMN"
Shit on cats, vocal tones should've been on wax
But I maintain, always keep head above water level
Every verse got a score to settle
Live where you call the ghetto, project raised, saw the devil
Where I'm at I'm called the rebel
Just ask around about Eastside, the lasting town
Every verse I spit on till it be classic bound
Battle Jakes, slide through graph like Rattlesnake
Travel Lake, calculate math, evaluate
My face value rate about six figures
Conversate with poor folks and rich niggas
Straight like that, uh-huh