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Artist: Daddy Rose f/ John Forte
Album:  The God
Song:   Associate My Name
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Daddy Rose
Welcome to the world
Daddy Rose, John Forte baby
Of international playas
No sneakers, no jeans
Where your mommy and your daddy at?
21 to party, 25 to drink
Fo'sho baby, better have I.D. in this mothafucka baby
Duke is grown man, hang your coat up
Kick back and relax nigga, c'mon

[Daddy Rose]
Silly rich niggas is still hanging in local clubs
Wanna be seen by local thugs
Swiss Accounts but still one local love
Ain't satisfied 'til I chew your chest with local slugs
Diamond and glitter - it's all a facade
I'm stashing cake for the cold war and balling for God
When the world collapsed; I've been in cave
And look like a match on the side
While you rollie wearing assholes be calling for God
You stack doe like - Pason pizzeria's, few could see us
Intelligent thug, future see us
We've been chasing the wrong shit since they've captured us
While y'all pushing Acuras, we invest with the manufacturers
Fuck the limelight, shit got big touch
That's why I cruise New York with my six clutch
Fool, it's all about mergers and DOW JONES, online dial tones
In Jamaica smoking weed in chalice's made of cow bones
Can you feel me nigga? Holla back

"Associate my name with respect" - X6 John Forte
"Associate my name" - X3 John Forte

[John Forte]
Yo, yo, it's always easy and to see the right
Move when you're not playing
But listen here I'm not playing
Now Management is riffing talking about
"Why the fuck did you let John Forte in"
See I handle my business, y'all is entertaining
A nigga likes jokes, but y'all cats lost his screws
But I've seen it makes me sick, so I got off the cruise
I'm tired of pushing niggas to get off my shoes
Y'all live a dream life and you happy with that
That's like buying shit on sale and ignoring the tax
Y'all is A8 to now 12 stepping off
If you don't wanna take the shot come off the ball
If you don't wanna take the shot come off the ball

[Daddy Rose]
I plan to retire rich, die in the Himalayas
Nothing to prove, 'cause we've been the playas
Why be on the scene so you could see your man to spray us?
Plastic, fuck cash black, Bell Atlantic, Fiber Optic, NASDAQ
Steel toe hammers, pop at us, we blast back
While y'all party and bullshit, my cash stack

"Associate my name with respect" - X4 John Forte
"Associate my name" - X3 John Forte

[John Forte]
I John the Emaculate, stone hand that is, grown man status
Known lance, them niggas had it
Not too many cats claimed collect
Fuck rap, man I study with the greatest of minds
Who rose and a moms who recognize I want the same respect
Who only own one turban and ain't change it yet
Who spoke about money from the wants to gets
Half the inventory is the same as the debt
Three quarters of the Earth poor, what plan is that?
The streets taught science and I named it rap
We talk about love but it ashamed us

**Song ends abruptly, may be continued