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Artist: Dabrye f/ Guilty Simpson, Paradime
Album:  Two/Three
Song:   Special
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[Intro - Guilty Simpson](Guilty Simpson)
Guilty Simpson nigga (Yeah)
Detroit, Michigan let's go

[Verse 1 - Guilty Simpson] (Guilty Simpson)
Live as fuck
With a big ass gun, who wanna size me up?
I got a 40 cal chilling right beside my nuts
Rap shit helps me monopolize my bucks (Yeah!)
Shotties'll pop and body your block (Get 'em!)
Fuck it, I'm hot, cocky or not
I'm tired of being humble, from here on out I'm brash
Hot dog with extra flash
Might blackout and give your neck some slash
And ain't a neighborhood around that could protect your ass, youngin
Gun shots mean Guilty's coming
And when through chasing your ass you'll still be running
I can say this verse twice, it'll still be stunning
For niggas stealing my style, I'ma steal their woman
Guilty Simpson, boy I been hotter
The ace thatíll treat your face like pi?adas
Toting toasters in my holster
Take beef, well done, ask Ponderosa
Don't say shit cause I'll approach ya
Wit a bat to your grill like Bonds and Sosa
I get your ho hot like Fonz approached her
I flip my collars up then she get them dollars up
And leave your coward ass standing there without a buck
I'm trying to knock it out, bitch trying to knock it up
My lifestyle guarantees me a lot of sluts
That's why I like to get around like a hockey puck
A lot of bitches try to tell me that I'm cocky but
I want it all and the universe is not enough (The universe is not enough)

[Chorus - Paradime] x 2
Special, especially with the heavy metal
Special, these gun shots'll make a mess of you
I suggest you, do what the rest do
Shut your mouth and rock a vest dude, especially you

[Verse 2 - Guilty Simpson]
They keep me in the show cause I elevate crowds
In these dark days I can separate clouds
And illuminate stages but never take bows
There's so many jokes, I'm a glimmer of hope
Y'all chopped up soap, you pretend to be dope
So I'm snatching all the apples in my enemies throats
I'm special, I think I got dropped on my head
So I watch for my bread and keep twat in the bed
A sure bet I'm a lock for the spread
You can bet the house you read my mouth
You'll see how real it is when I behead your spouse
Guilty Simpson, champion of one round bouts
I'm about gunplay, what y'all bout? NOTHING!
So I take y'all out and keep busting 
Don't start static with us cause we hustling
In broad day light act like you seen something
You ever seen a hundred crooks on the grind
That'll put it through your window when you look through your blinds?
That's a real example of organised crime
That's why in every rhyme I'ma glorify nines
And drive on the lines with the 45 flying
I'm bout to get rich or I'm gonna die trying
But my name ain't 50
Here to dominate the game, the game is shifty

[Chorus] x 2

[Outro - Paradime]
Uh, Guilty Simpson
What y'all want bitches? Especially you!