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Artist: Da Youngsta's
Album:  Somethin 4 Da Youngsta's
Song:   Somethin 4 Da Youngsta's
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There was a time I used to wish I was older
So I could look over my own shoulder
When it came time for partyin
I always had to check with a guardian
You know, mom and dad
Sometimes I think about the fun I coulda had
Swingin with my crew
I used to boo-hoo about my early curfew
If I didn't show up I'd be on punishment
Guess where the rest of my week will be spent?
Yeah, in the house, lookin like a jerk
All the boys are havin fun while I'm doin housework
I remember one time in the game
I could hear my mom callin my name
I had two strikes, workin on the third
Somebody yelled out, "Yo, Qur'an's a early bird"
But I ain't pay it no mind
Cause back then a hard head made a soft behind
My mother always said, don't worry 'bout a cup--
It's all a part of growin up
But nevertheless
Like they say - mom knows best

If we wasn't in the store playin video games
We was chillin on the block callin each other names
Naw, nothin too offensive
But you had to wear gear that was expensive
Like $100 sneaks
Even though they'd be dogged in two weeks
I didn't care, all my boys had a pair
Except for me, I didn't think it was fair
I told my mom the price, she frowned --
Said son, they cost more than a phone bill
Be thankful for what you got on your feet
Some people don't have nothin out on the street
Learn to be yourself, learn to be original
And don't worry about the next individual
I feel as though this needs to be expressed
Nevertheless, mom knows best

24 hours, 7 days a week
We played Ding-Dong-Dixie-- and Hide and go Seek
We chased down girls, actin like a fool
It was even days that we hookeyed from school
But never again
Once moms started yellin it was no tellin when
She was gonna whip out her belt
I could have put ice on her, it probably would have melt
I know I was caught once, I heard her shout
I brought you in this world and you can bet I take you out
All I hear is clean your room and wash the dishes
Sometimes I wanna click my heels and make three wishes
One to be older, two to be a rap star
Three to be drivin in a nice fat car
As long as I live at this address
Nevertheless - mom knows best