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Artist: Da Five Footaz w/ Warren G 
Album:  Worldwide 
Song:   5 Foot City 
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(I need a freak) 
Freak... I need a freak 
(I need a freak) 

Scope the fro from the door, baby was the bomb 
gotta maintain so I remain calm 
with everything I see from a twisted position 
call it female intuition, I know 
seductive and sensual, I'm into yo 
calm male complexion, headin fo the midsection 
my legal got ya flexin but chill 
excitement got ya freakin to the skill 
I comes to the ill seduction when I be bustin (ya fall deep) 
under the influence of my speech 
you taste my flavor, lyrical lifesaver 
love what I gave ya, cannot really save ya 
so adjust to this mood 
I'm comin freaky freaky freaky for this interlude 
got ya pumped up off the body 
I just came to party, oh you brothers are so naughty 

If you wanna roll with me 
here's what you can do for me 
5 foot city goin on 
freak it till your cherry's gone 
you can taste me day or night 
I know I can work you right 
5 foot city can't you see 
I can't help the freak in me 

You can call me pappy 
or you can call me daddy 
64 hundred spokes, three wheels and I'm happy 
feelin like scrappy or is it Scooby-Doo 
spit one spit two, I got flowers true 
so pass that ziff to this brother G Z Whee Z 
so I can let you down easy 
some broads try to see what I see 
see bein wit a skirt but she can't see beatin me 
cuz I'm a mack like that, and I pack like that 
so if you wanna get wit me and work the track like that 
bringin in them revenues, shit 
from him to her to they which one you choose 


The advances startin enhancin early on 
you was mouthin, there ain't no doubtin, singin my song 
I exit stage right, hopin I might not tweak 
off of all these freaks that come out at night 
freak 1 wanted to lick under the sun 
freak 2 wanna 68 my whole crew 
freak 3, haha, proposed to me 
freak 4 was knockin on my hotel door 
freak 5 was already inside he wanted to showcase live 
his talent, me and my homegirls like, right 
for you to strip teast for me 
I could easily use the entertainin 
if thats what makes you feel famous 
now me I got ya open, ya strokin yaself to do it 
how about that party in ya pants but I'm not comin to it 
now who's the next man to put his hands up 
Miss rhyme with the superstar, she catch ya when I stand up 

Chorus x3