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Artist: Da Brat 
Album:  Anuthatantrum 
Song:   My Beliefs 
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That I shouldn't smoke weed and shit, huh 
That I should cuss and shit, huh 
That I shouldn't do the shit I wanna do 
You know what I'm sayin'? 
But I don't give a fuck about what these niggas think 
That's they beliefs, here go mine 

I gets embedded in your cerebellum, deeper than the ocean 
Focusin' on fuckin' a nigga up, who got jokes? 
Provoke me, my vision of lust is money, trust is funny 
Too many sheisty motherfuckers comin' for me 
One in the chamber, ready for repetition if possible 
Hate to mention this, poppin' that nigga, bitch 
It be the intellectual, get sexual in a second heffer 
You could never be no competition to me 
You bit the poison apple, tryin' adapt to this shit 
Show you how it happened 
While we laughin', diggin' your ditch 
And you can get your boys 
I got Disciples and ViceLords 
Planted through every city ready, declare war 
If you feel I stepped on your toes 
It was intentionally 
Cause it was meant to be the shit since I found JD 
My lyrical thesis broke in pieces 
For you pussies who can't feed off it 
Everything'll be fine, just hit the weed often 

Chorus: repeat 2X 

I believe good things come to those that grind 
Never take a step back, leave the past behind 
Keep your mind on some money and don't ever stop tryin' 
And everything'll be fine, everything'll be fine 

It's time to let your lighter spark 
Crank up the weed session 
With one of the best in the Midwestern section 
Flexin' with no shame 
Cause a mi solo female MC's be back in the game 
Sun up to sun down I puff leaves 
Filled with imported trees from the West Indies 
Chi-town's finest in more ways than one 
Me follow in the path of another, days is done 
See I got mic checkin' down to a science 
Meanin' I perfected the ways 
To shit on you and your alliance 
I write the type of shit that'll hypnotize ya 
Fuck around and kill your whole click like Kaiser 
In the streets of Prazza, the Westside of niggas 
Ain't expects, smellin' like cannibus 
Can't nothin' handle this 
They wanna dismantle this but it will never go down 
Shit, cause my beliefs is I'm the baddest around, bitch 


Now it's the shit, you wanna contest me 
Never will you be the opponent left 
Leave'em swept off they feet 
So So Def got that chief shit, keep it brief 
Under the covers ain't another bitch bad as me 
So I must keep comin' 
Keep on runnin' but you can't escape me 
I'm in your brain 
Remember the bitch you love to hate 
She on the paper chase 
In any case, but not any rate 
Keep the currency's increase, shit ain't cheap 
And my belief is to get the money, nigga 
So what's the beef to this? 
Enough cheese for Brat, never endin' G's 
Hundred thousand dollar bills by the stack 
The weak supportin' my habits 
Enough karats for the whole salad 
Smokin' cabbage every five minutes 
Beginnin' my days rollin' swishes 
I never listen to penny pinchin' 
Pussy eatin' punks advice 
To catch'em slippin' is my theory 
Be weary what I bust, make niggas weak 
And pack a bleeder, top notch in my speeches