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Artist: Deadly Venoms f/ Madam Scheez
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   The Perfect Storm
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Madam Scheez]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right
It's Madam Scheez, what up world?
Ya'll muthafuckas ain't ready for this
We got some real live hot shit going on, you know?
Holding it down in 2002, for sho', like that
Keepin' it Deadly.. from L.A. to D.C.
Japan to Iceland, what ya'll been waiting for
Hip hop female conglomerate, Rocks the World, baby
Worldwide, baby, here we go, the Venoms are here to let ya'll know
Yeah... don't sleep, D.V., the Deadly Venoms, live from New York City
North Carolina, aiyo, J-Boo, N-Tyce, Champ, tell 'em what the deal
Tell these muthafuckas what time it is

[Champ Diva]
Yeah, so it don't mean jack to me, cuz I stay close to my enemies
Let 'em smile in my face, give 'em a taste of my steeze
From a Venomous sting, then it's on, be easy let this ring as a song
Scorpion blow smoke, spit raw
Down and dirty hardcore, can't handle that
Got ya'll lyrics in a gat that go brat-tat-tat-tat
Fuck that, where your crew at, that Rocks the World
Venom fabulous, muffle your chat, this is hilarious
Can't even walk a straight line, a lotta bitches that be rapping
Don't even write they own rhymes
Or even wait my time on these cock suckers
Fake witty, venny, broke muthafuckas
I'm about to bring the ruckus, and ya'll can't touch us
I'm your worst nightmare, feel bad vibes in the air
You could look but can't stare, beware
Cuz there's Venom Everywhere, word, yea...
You couldn't see me like 3 mics, that ease up or be nice
You want to know how I see light, throw a haymaker, nigga
Throw blows like Iron Mike, they wanna know
How a chick can ride it, but if you really wanna know
I suggest you just read about it on your front page
Going on a rampage, open up your publisher
Put my weight on 'em, now they call me the punisher
Queen the dollar, and you ain't doing nada
To us, cuz like Biggie and Lil' Kim I'm Notorious
And I warned ya'll before, not to fuck with us
I'm rebellious, and I'mma take it where I have lived this year
So run and tell and let me handle my biz
Stay ready and hot, cuz I'm on fire
Pull that barbwire tricks up my sleeve, I got bones in my closet
Like the little train that couldn't do, but kept trying
You remind me of a scarecrow, stop lying
Yo, my chicks so bank, it kept buying
Beat us up, no M.C.'s, so we kept buying
If the money rolling in, then it was good timing
If you paid to see me rock, then I'mma keep rhyming
Now what, what, what, nigga, what, what

What, what, nigga, what?
You want the raw? Here it is, right in your face
Ya'll bitches is funny-style when I step in the place
I'm heavyweight, that means I'm holding the crown
Holding it down, plus I stay shitting on clowns
Watch me blackout, niggas wanna scalp my back
Q.B., Boogie Down, New Jeruz on this track
We run that, major players in this
My Rocks the World fam stay banging them hits
So back up, got the strap up, beat ya fade up
Ya'll bitches wanna fuck with me, get your weight up
You love it when I hit you with that rough shit
That raw dog shit, drop ya drawers shit
Nigga, what, dance with me, if you try
Fucking with D.V.'s is like a suicide
A homicide, straight murder on tracks
Murdering cats, you play, trynna counter attack
So, yo, what up, black? I'mma drop it just like this
Head crack on you niggas spitting venomous shit

Alright then, I ain't try'nna keep it short and sweet
Ya'll rather listen to me, but don't ignore the beat
Can I make a hit? I'll knock it down all in a week
So wake up, I don't like niggas who snore in they sleep
Cuz see everybody knows that the average rocks
When I got more material than marriage shops
Everybody wanna pose for the camera
Cheese, and cuz you on top now, but then again so was Hammer
That little style that you got ain't lasting
Venom gave VH1, as a hasbeen
It's like this, the rhymes that I sit and wrote
I'm so nice, that the store came and picked a quote
Peep these lyrical, rhyme skills I been had
But your vibe got cancelled quicker than Sinbad's
I'm like Nas, my architecht pleases
To get a mill, you got a better chance at Regis
And yes that's my final answer
I'm the rhyme enhancer, find the cutest and rhyme a lancer
Fam quick, to just, roll up in the cypher fast
Cuz M.C.'s are irritating like a diaper rash
You a competitor, like Fubu and Karl Kani
But I ain't got no time for cheap shit, so why try?