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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   Hunting Season
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Champ Diva]
Deadly Venom ya'll, Deadly Venom ya'll
D.V.'s, D.V.'s... yo, yo

[Champ Diva]
Yo, you can do me nothing, nada
Rather kiss me goodnight or see ya manana
Lay back, chilling, puffing marijuana
Getting crazy bent, open the sun up
Shorty bugged thug, you don't really want the drama
And when I'm rapping, lights, camera, action
Off the wall, like Michael Jackson
Take seven days like Toni Braxton
To get it on and popping like Redenbacher
Fix ya top blocker, top dog nigga
Original show stopper, Champ's my name
Deadly Venom for life, putting it down in the game
Hardcore shit you never heard before
Breaking the law, leave a whole nother ass in sore
Spit score nigga, I give law benching
I'm out to get ya'll, Pretty Thug, what, get the picture
Yo, yo, yo

[Chorus 2X: Champ Diva]
This here is hunting season, give up the reason
To tag team on 'em, plot and scheme and throw the gasface on 'em
Time to attack, Scorpion, Poison, Viper, the Venoms back

I play the back, I keep them little dunns in check
See the word around the block is that I earn respect
I be a thorough chick rock a dude to snap a neck
Who wanna step to this lyrical venomous vet
Split ya head wide open to Inspect like Deck
Slither back to the pits so I can catch the wreck
Tag team on 'em, my chicks is holding the crown
Undisputed rap gangstress, shuttin' em down
So get ya weight up, so we can go pound for pound
I make it hot like lava, melting it down
Throw all types of shit, ya'll chickas can't duck
Now I'm on the scene, ya'll chicks is running out of luck
Ya'll washed up, and I'm taking the spot
I be the six player coming off the bench that's hot
Like Sprewell, choking ya'll chicks until ya powder
Jump in the 320 S-Coupe and I bail

[Chorus 4X]