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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   Gets No Better
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Let's take it back to the street, we gon' change the game
Now it's three thoro chicks, but the name remains
Deadly, Venom, you know how deep it get
You can scratch the top surface and get stuck in the pit
We still, making hits, still counting the dough
Still bangin' wit the beats, wit them bomb ass flows
And we can make it shake, rock, rattle and roll
And put you fake Venom non believers niggas back on ya toes
Now you can get it three ways, on any three days
Three the hard way by three chicks that dont play
Chickens wanna bounce, so they broke the group
But all they did was make more room to make more loot
Ain't no better than this, go 'head and pop ya cris
Go 'head and rock ya wrist, while I just clock the hits
Cuz its all about the dough in the year 2 g
Its not a game, you know the code when it come to the streets
[Chorus: N-Tyce]
Can't get no better, than this babe
Can't get no better than this, babe
Can't get no better than this, babe
Can't get no better (better) than this babe
Can't get no better than this, babe
Can't get no better than this, babe
Can't get no better
Here we go!
It gets no better than, winning on a crap table when I bet a grand
Open up a rap label, then I set a plan
I'm hot like summertime up in leather pants
Get a tid bit of a better kid, sippin Ameretta, and
Another chick this nice? I never met her, man
I'm like the May West in rap
I know that I'm hillbilly, nah, I ain't stressin that
Top ten nothin' less than that, I'm the type of M.C. that the best get at
So hol-la, hol-la, yall dont hear nothin'
Ya'll like, who that chick? That's just me, bumpin'
Can't get no better than this, hot shit
Spit high pitch, cuz I'm that bitch
Thug love, one, one love thug (we are)
Three pretty women, yes, Deadly Venoms
Still on the rise, still, no surprise
Playin both sides, still livin' lies
Can't get no better than this, keep droppin them hits
Tell me what I gotta do to get rich
To stay on top, it's my world, I'm ready to rock
Yeah, rap-a-don', pop the collars
Rocks the World, my niggas, get them dollas
Stackin' proper, hit me on my hip, then holla
[Chorus 2X]