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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   Can't See Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Champ Diva]
Yo, yo, yo fuck that
Turn all the lights on, son
Yo No, Yo No, what up my nigga?
Yo get this shit right son
Yeah, like that, yeah, yeah, yo, yo
Uh, uh, I'm from the BX, check check it out
Channel war, ya'll

[Champ Diva]
Running with a bunch of criminals, ghetto related
Practice skills, I keep talking cheap, I'm X-Rated
All that playa hated, you out of line, you know the time
Once I blow, you get to hear what's on my mind
Nothing but Cash Rules, and more jewels for more fools
Then sleep, a statue too, keep my cool when it creep
It's off then to the hood, and I lie, for my thugs
That say, infered off the bud, no lie
Kill stress with them highs, sometime, and smoke in July
Think of many ways to make a million, striking hits to make a killing
Rhyme appealing, mad hundred, American's most wanted, I stay blunted
Bitches fronting, get off my steeze
Don't reveal niggas, and love the taste of cheese
I know you feeling me, never think about my enemy
Peep my remedy, a lot of jealousy and envy
As I achieve, keep acting fiesty
Numero uno in this, number one, for you bitch

[Chorus 2X: Champ Diva (J-Boo)]
Yo, we rock from B.X., to L.A., to L.A. to V.A.
To V.A. to Q.B. (you niggas can't see me)
Yo, we rock from D.C., to N.C., to N.C. to Uptown
To Uptown to Bucktown (ya'll niggas ducking down)

Nasty, lyrical, spit that shit every day
I'mma keep coming back like Chucky from Child's Play
It's the return of the bitch, watch my style switch
Had ya'll chicks running when you get that Blair Witch
I got, lyrics for days, watch my style plays
Eat through that ass like a fucking twelve gauge
With 24 shots, you know I keep it locked
I'm the hottest female spitting and I'm coming for you spot
Don't cock block, nigga, hold your own
You fucking with a pro, in this danger zone
Let off rounds, dick rider niggas hit the ground
Bitch niggas start to run, when they hear the sound
You fucking clown, ya'll niggas is actresses
Wanna be equipped, pull your gun from your mattresses
Nigga what, you know how we do
Q.B. to the death, nigga, Venom is the crew

[Chorus 2X]

Niggas wanna hate, I got a top ten for that
Niggas wanna date, I got a lotta men for that
But this end up for me to go around, hit up Connecticut
95 in a badder whip, or the cheddar grip
And I'mma get it, while the getting is good
Giving it up, for the folks, representing they hood
Cuz I'm a Carolina city swinger, I rep for those
Getting toared down on Henny liquor
I rock a show now for many figures, I holds it down for my skinny niggas
Slow down, so my head can't get any bigger
My aries is a mah'ucka, hit up your neighborhood Fudruckers
Spend money, love brother, I ain't the type of chick, stressing you once
Ain't no way, third finger, to the left of my thumb
You see me, with a dude, yo, the nigga my brother
I don't got no significant other, or eat

[Chorus 4X]