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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   Boys in the Back
Typed by: Cno Evil

Yo, we ain't Prodigy and Havoc but I Mobb Deep
Money grips, acting hard, hit the concrete
But I ain't violent, but yo, I ain't silent neither
I'm the c-lo champ, I hit a six up either
Used to be a cheater, til I fell in love
But now I'm stuck up, I'm barely giving niggas hugs
Then they got the nerve to get mad and break back
Like I'm supposed to be a punk or something, all or nothing
I'm hard headed, nigga, I don't listen, I don't listen
You like a game of '80's arcade, the Pole Position
I like stick shift, plus I like a big whip
To pump B.I.G. with, step up, and get your wig split
Cuz I'm a head banger, bang it til your neck break
I break chess, you can see how much my check mate
And don't be in love, it's just a lot of noise
Cuz it's path, nigga, I got the boys in the back

[Chorus 2X: N-Tyce (J-Boo)]
Venoms gotta get a plan, yo they bound to attack soon
(Yeah, we got the boys in the back room)
Uhh, what you gonna say, huh, what you gonna do
Now better watch ya back, cuz the street's foul

Rocks the World be the squad, Venom be the click
Quick to drop a nigga talking loose with his lip
My clip be 7:30, ready to spaz out
Rollin' with a bunch of grimey thug niggas, no doubt
I suggest you stay calm, crack another brew
Hit the damn fort, duke, do what you gotta do
Ain't no scrubs over here, just thugs over here
With the boys in the back, it's mad love over here
And my chicks, you know we stay thick in the pit
From N.Y. to North Cakalaki, down to the Bricks
And we keep our shit banging to the top of the charts
And our lyrics, we stay spitting, hitting like a poison dart
So keep it moving, cuz it's a thug affair
Got my niggas in the front, in the back, everywhere
In the back room, that's where it's going down, it's going down

[Chorus 2X]

[Champ Diva]
Yo, watch yourself, cuz it's about to get ugly
You can look me up and down, just please don't touch me
My attitude is rude, my hands just as crazy
I'mma, walk these dogs and everything will be crazy
When it come down to handling mines, never do this fine
Rocks the World, we on top of the line
Taking ya shine, damn man, you're way out of line
When will you learn, we all fire ready to burn
I Debo you cats, like Big Worm, I got the boys in the back room
Packing, ready to kill you germs
You bitches who be sleeping on us, just feel the rush
At which we stand, Venom we trust
Yeah, I said it, the muthafuckin' rappin' don
Got a problem, then let it be on, holla at a kid
Venom, Venom, ya'll, Venom, Venom, ya'll
Holla, yeah, Rocks the World

[Chorus 2X]