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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   50 Bars & Better
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Champ Diva]
Yeah, yeah, uh, what
All you get is 50 bars and better
I'm the Champ in this rap game, who want it?
Yeah.. uh, uh... D.V. shit, D.V. shit, yeah
Yo, yo

[Champ Diva]
Yo, where that weed at? Give me a gunshot
Stay hot, from my block to your block
We blow spots, take my name, I think not
I'm a rebel, quick to stoupe down to your level
Dancing with the devil, hands like heavy metal
Immune to trouble, like Reggie Noble, get ready to bumble
Holla, talk trash, got you wrapped around my collar
Got cash, but you ain't even worth the dollar
Can't see me, Champ, the originator
Straight street bitch, I'll fucking terminate ya
Quick fash, you won't last, you slip up, blast
Any one who try to front on my behalf
That's to Ras, I got the last laugh
Haha, free flow, freak your peep show
Done step to weak hoe, bitch give me my dough, I'm
Better than that, you want fame, I'mma bring ya wig the fuck back
Chang the game, Champ, what? Got the right one, baby
Ain't no Biggie, like Smalls, I smash the law
Take the killer more around, kills some more
I'm the don, pop my collar, walk them dogs
Scream or holler, grab lock like a rottweiler
You ain't ready to rock steady, I'm sharp
Like a home made machete, off the hook, get ready
Eat ya food like spaghetti, you gassed up, like Getty
Yo, yo, you don't really hear me, yo, yo
Shit is, wind in the field, then or be killed
Let's see whose the real, put 'em to the test and that's the deal
Give you a taste of your own shit, I love to flip
Get me hyper, watch me rip
What you see, is what you get, and don't forget
Who run this shit, hot damn, son of a bitch
Who the baddest, bringest the madness, bad habit
I'm the master, bringing the heat, causing disaster
Spit til your brain go numb, until I cough up a lung
Could this be, I got you spitting that tongue
I roll deep like a million man march, if we ever bump heads
I wanna see who really got heart, I'm on fire and I'm ready to spark
When it come to the paper, the heat is tasty and I'm ready to bomb
Come and walk through the streets of New York
Always catch a cat slipping and I ain't got no time for talk
Cold hearted in the heat of the night, I'm the talk of the town
Blunted album, shit, need to be right
Fall back til it's time to bite, then I jump at the cut
They what? Get ya now, don't wanna get hype
Don't get it twisted, cuz you know I'm the type, that'll step to my biz
And make you uthafuckas see the light
Don't fight the fearless, cuz the fearless don't fight
If you cross the line, you don't have no idea what's onn mind
You 7:30, I'm a quarter to nine, you thought I'd get away with the crime
Sit down, why you keep hating on mine, and I'm
Keep doing my thing, getting this dough up
Hold up, sleep on my camp, you getting swolled up
Remember my commitee, N.Y. City got the world in my hand
And your whole crew with me, holding it down, let's do it up together
Now tell me what bitch you know'll spit 50 bars and better, the don
Champ D.E. double C A, Double X O, can't seem to touch my flow
Muthafuck shit up with my Venom
Slept on my team now it's time to get up in 'em
You can't remain cool or calm, but you talking to me
This ain't no threat, I'm dropping a bomb, holla
Get shot today, be gone tomorrow, but I got skills
And your career, trapped in the bottom
Quick to curse, make it so hard to swallow
Everytime I touch the mic, you get laced
And you can fear to teach it when the Champ step in the place
I don't, bite my tongue, get scared to look
It's the, rapping don, and I'm off the hook
Got your whole town shook up, when I rip verse after verse
When worst come to worst, it's off with your head first
I spit rounds, weight like 150 pounds, then
Everytime you think of challenging, I'm knocking you down
I'm nasty one-on-one, you won't last me
Spit till I run out of breath, my voice is raspy
Back up, give me some room, or get clapped up
No joke, leave this whole party a blood smoke
I'm serious, I got speed like Fast & Furious
You want it? I'm the Champ in this rap game...
All you get is 50 bars and better....
All you get is 50 bars and better....
I'm the Champ in this rap game, who want it?
All you get is 50 bars and better....