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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Wrong Place
Typed by: Cno Evil

Yo, this episode happen out in New York, nice scenery
Candlelight dinner, cutie spending mad cream on me
It wasn't a dream though, I met him out in Reno
Shooting craps in a hotel lobby casino
When he hit me with the digits, it was 718
I'm Carolina bound, baby, but I made it a date
It was the 10th of June, sex was too soon, but we was stopping
Like candid, a whole afternoon, I can't lie
He had me caught in a zone... but why, but why
Cuz he was bad, bad, b-b-b-bad to the bone
He said meet me at home, I said I'm rolling with you
He said nah baby chill, I got some things to do
I was like, cool, but caught an attitude with me
He never even told me his real name, the secrets were making me sick
But I dealt with it, each card I walked into was sick
But he insist, caught in the mix
Gun fire blasting like blaow, blaow
I had wished it would happen anytime but now
Right before my eyes, it was bad news
Went over to the car, he was bloody from his head to his shoes
Remains a mystery, he knew when the hit made
But now I know, why dudes in New York keep a nickname

[Chorus: Champ Diva]
I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, gave the wrong sign
Now I'm off and on the crooked line
With the quickness, a weakness
Somebody better handle their business

Yo, cats stay fit, running through the Bricks, ducking hits
My dog, big jaws on the hill, wreck you waiting this
We thug grimeys, we don't give a what
Queensbridge be the place where out of town brothers get stuck
But on the real, you know the deal
Cuz cat came through fronting, got his nappy headed cap peeled
Phony cats think it's hot and sweet
But then ya'll bitch out, when ya'll sitting in the heat seat
So now you know it's on the real
But blood is dripping out your dome piece, dropping from the hot steel
Another thug left dead, another unsolved case for the homicide feds
Another thug left dead, another unsolved case for the homicide feds


[Champ Diva]
I'm having deja vu, the fucking bouncer from the block party
Wanna creep on you, ain't no telling, pat me when I'm still yelling
All on your ear, protect your rear
Shit is getting real up in here, you playing me near
I think you better back down, slow your role
Stay on your tippy toes, prepare them hoes
Let 'em know whose running this shit, sink in the pit
Send in the fools on some gangsta shit
Suprise, muthafuckas better open they eyes
Realize who thug shit, blow when they die
Is what they saying to homey, done past away
My dun-dun, bringing heat to the streets, talking the thug


Snake and creep like me slidded out the jam, right into the jelly
Avenging starving Marvin, my underarms are smelly
I just got out the pen, let me in, let me in
I need to sip some gin, just cuz shit is looking grim
Like Klik Ga Bow, I ain't know the niggas were foul
They got me caught up in the mix, with they crooked ass style
I can't believe, that I can go down
I'm large like Marge, and I ain't with the gun charge
So all you coppers and the pilots in the helicopters
Out to proper, to be a squad car hopper
Now I done told you once, I ain't ever know his name
What you need to do, is trust change all on my fame
Yeah I'm the one that they talking about
Yo, Storm and Russ, niggas get me out
I love my Wu-Tang culture, and I'm bailing on you vultures
And going all out on my business like I'm supposed to

[Chorus 2X]