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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Worldwide
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: N-Tyce]
This is worldwide, taking it
And now to the east side, taking it
And now to the west side, straight rocking
Rocking, rocking.. and it ain't no stopping

All my bitches so vicious, inticipating on they riches
We ain't digging no ditches, or burning bridges, we just live it
Making major moves on a major label
Turn on your cable, all across the board, we steady stable
Keeping it hot, we running city to city, getting pretty
And even making it with mics of pity
You know that, so many people tried to stop us in our tracks
But we ain't falling for that, we only dealing with facts
So come correct, you like fat checks
And know that we ain't new jacks, just struggling bets
Nahmean, been on the scene since '86
So that bullshit you pulling on us, is old tricks
Just to let you know, so you stop looking stupid
It ain't about how you rip the mic, it's how they looped it
We international, we crashing you, bashing you
Worldwide, let' 'em know, Boo

Aiyo, chill let me rep that, and get it straight
The trash you be talking it can never hold the weight
Don't hesitate, just step aside, let it ride
We can battle til the death and let our souls coincide
It's so many chicks out there, that like to clone
Without the backbone, ya'll could never hold the throne
Cuz bitches love to study my style, when they alone
And that's the one, don't get caught up in the zone
So put down the dick, pick up the pen and write
And you might get respect, at the end of the night
We on our second deal while ya chicks is unsigned hype
Five mics up in The Source, cuz our album is tight

[Chorus 2X]

From North Carolina, to record labels saying dang I wanna sign her
Get that CD, rewind her
She the chick that made dudes wine and dine her
I think she roll deep, nah, I ain't trying her
She done had too many Heine's, never mind her
N-Tyce done left with a dude, somebody find her
Matter fact, Russ', you need to roll behind her
First class, is the only way we flying, huh
You got little kids in school straight admiring her
CD's selling out, these folks buying her
She so sneaky, you need to keep an eye on her
Matter fact, send Artie to go and spy on her
She ain't cheat on a man, they trying to wild her
Ya'll don't wanna go, uh, line for line on her
Storm know she write quick, he even time her
Brendon Wine's baby girl, no denying her

[Champ Diva]
Aiyo, I love this world, it's filled with hate
Still holding weight, walk the crooked nine with a dog
Wait, can't knock my hustle, can't stop my pain
Don't stop the struggle, it's never too late
Take it from the Champ, been there, done it, my friend
But you fucked up in the end, and you ain't gonna win
What you gonna do, you ain't even got a clue
What's my next move? Figure it out, I'm at school
Rap the train dudes, Boo-Boo got the real juice
Must be down on that loose, love the dirty word
Love to see a nigga hurt, feed it
Cuz they be dreaming not to see 'em scheeming
He fucked the devil, it's hella block up on my level

[Chorus 2X]