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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Who Got Ya Back?
Typed by: pneumatic

Carolina blues got me sippin paper back brews
I chose, Caribbean cruise, The life of goody two-shoes
Watch your men stylin, Brown complexion, Tannin on Islands
Need no protection, No guns, Nobody whillin
And it's like, I'm livin life to the fullest
It seems to me the trife scenery got me dodgin bullets
But still, I'm into thugs, Hangin late night in clubs
Sippin Heineken with the finer men that love spendin
What case is pendin, Gettin heated tryna beat it
My men friends know I be that chick who cheated
My game repeated, Every time a nigga step
Those who slept, Are now aware Deadly Venoms rep
My games correct, Usual suspect like Kazza
Ponytail with a visor, Male hypnotizer
So what I'm feelin be the way of the world
Since the days of girl, Now a woman, So keep em comin

So sit back and wonder, If this the life that I'm supposed to lead
Indeed, It got my stressed to the T
My Grandma never told me there'd be days like this
So I prepare my mind state for all the mental bliss
I'm crashin, My head against the wall I can't take it no more
I'm askin, Why me as I fall to the floor
Life's a bitch and then you die
I laugh out loud, I catch my breath and then I start to cry
Then I remember, That windy day back in September
The macker jacker in the brown leather timbers
I'm feelin low, I have no place else to go
So I troop on down to the studio
To get the love that I need from my Venom crew
And let me know that I didn't have to go through
All the pain and the stress and the stuff that I lack
Will never be afraid cause I know they got my back

This aint the same old tip that you been accustomed to
Speculatin that you was messin with a trick ass crew
Ohh yes yes yall, I must confess yall
Yes, Quick to take it to your chest yall
Like packin automatic weapons that keep chickens stiff
With the liveliest, They know we know ho to survive in this
Dog eat dog world that's filled with retrievers and deceivers
You tried to make Deadly Venoms believe this
Well we smarter then that and part of the fact
Is double crossin chickens be always knowin we be watchin our backs
With dangerous minds like Michelle Pfeiffer
Wicked trife like a lifer, So nigga you go to decipher
While I roll like detectives like a sniper
Steady in the zone and sceamnin, Boosted inferred beamin
And by the time you got the meanin of the jam
Hot damn, Right then were puttin it on your hood fan

[Champ Diva]
I said there's one for all, and there's all for one
Whatever goes down, Cause Venoms always get the job done
Takin shows to reck and represent the clique
Time to shut you down, Cause your camps to thick
Yall keep sleepin but watch us, Blow up the scene
Keep ya broke too, Cause we takin all the cream
Females are hard to get by, But everybody struggles
It's time to let it be known, And stop bustin your bubble
Four Deadly Venoms, And that'll be double your trouble
Takin over but yo, We don't mean to be so humble
Knock you off like bundles, And catch your whole world crumble
Watch us blow, And keep our pockets fat like Joe
Hit the floor getting bite off that bomb hydro
Our mind state our focused, When I'm in the stuck mode
And I, Tell, Still you know they have to keep it real
Yeah, Yeah, The Venoms