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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   This Is For
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Champ Diva (J-Boo)]
This is for my school niggas, my school niggas
(This is for my hard niggas, my hard niggas)
This is for my thug niggas, my thug niggas
(This is for my rough niggas, my rough niggas)
This is for my Pretty Thugs, my Pretty Thugs
(This is for them niggas and chicks who give us love)
This is for my Pretty Thugs, my Pretty Thugs
(This is for them niggas and chicks who give us love)

We be murdering these four wall measures, for your listening pleasure
And surely entertaining you, what we did, fella?
Precisely, don't be a hero, nigga, play it wisely
Or you up out of here, tell 'em N-Tyce

I might grab your son, even grandson, hold 'em for ransom
Thug anthem, only take him if they handsome
A Pretty Thug, that's our motto, to get a glass
Of this tipping be, out the bottle

Aiyo, this goes out, to all my thug niggas
Hold it down, get loud, buckwild niggas
Throw it up, spark that L, roll it up
Witty thugs, tearing down the club, blowing it up

[Champ Diva]
Venom is all that you been waiting for
Can't Pretty Thugs get love anymore
I be chilling in a club, getting, a thug on
Like Notorious B.I.G., you Dead Wrong

Represent where you from, baby pa, girl or ma
It's so good in the hood, long as you stay fly
Pretty Thugs showing love, stay high, stay high
What what, if you ain't coming right, leave it bye bye

I done been through more episodes than Cosby Show
Ask anybody out in Heights, they probably know
Cuz I put 'em in a ill position, they be like no, ah no
Ah no, ah no she didn't

Yo, it ain't a mystery, we going down in history
A bunch of fly ass bitches, giving love to the streets
True hip hop ghetto style, that don't stop
Used to reminisence on how we made it to the top

[Champ Diva]
And take me back to the block, we ain't used to be all good
Until I blew up, I had to move 'em out the hood
THey used to, chit chat bout this and that
Hate on me but guess guess guess whose back?


Pretty Thugs coming up on they cream, scared of the scheme
Get hit up in the pit, trying to tag with this team
I mean, why in the world get caught in between
Four snakes suffocating your dreams, I don't know

I suggest you don't provoke and try to do me
You be the first one gone like black folks in the movies
Got Backstreet Boys fans saying that chick is groovy
Me, N-Tyce, the definition of a coolie

For all my real niggas, ya'll kept the faith
You know it's one love when you step up in the place
Platinum party, I'm inviting everybody
QB, 41st Side, thugging at the house

[Champ Diva]
Saying, Slim Shady, but is you at the lady
Verbal half on this baby, niggas what is you crazy?
Bout to play Russian Roulette with three eighty
Cuz shit ain't gravy, and you just got Dick like Tracy

To my thug niggas, busting they guns for instance
Contacting up punk rain Jane, perfecting distance
Dismissing rugrats, continue to bliss and
Continue to shine, cuz making all your money vicious

I'm in this to win this, handle my bid-ness
I dominate like Venus and Serena playing tennis
Be the cleanest, lyrically divine, as a genius
Ya'll better get ready to see how I, ride my team

You kno wthe name, J-Boogie on the caps
J-Boo for short, regulate like a thermostat
I keep it tight, bumrushing the track
DV's got my back, Champ the Goddess where you at?

[Champ Diva]
Can't even face me, be lucky enough to taste me
Venom is like, I know you didn't try to play me
Quick to bitch up, give ya hungry hiccups
Got your hands up and it ain't even a stick-up

[Chorus 2X]