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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Sunrise
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: J-Boo]
Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise
Yeah, to all my fallen angels
One love, yeah, one love
Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise
Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise

I wish I can take back the day you left, with God bless
I made it through the years with all the tears
Couldn't understand why you wanna give me away
I came from hard hand it down, and knew my Christmas he did
You had me stuck many nights, hear me calling your name
In my mind, you had me thinking I'm the one to blame
A juvenile, peer pressure had me going insane
I gave birth to my son, to escape the pain
Now I'm a single mother, and I'm surviving the game
You gave me strength and the knowledge, so I can't complain
I see you smiling down on me, every time it rain
Rainbows for our love, never breaking a chain
A angel up above in the form of a dove
Fly free, spread ya wings, sharing all of your love
So I keep it moving, until I see you at the gate
I always love you mommy, with open arms hovering away

[Chorus: J-Boo]
From your baby girl, you're always on my mind
I can feel you watching me every night (every night)
You a part of me, I've waited for the sunrise
Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise

You see we, value most precious things when they gone
That's why I sit back, and thank the Lord for my moms
When she was alive, I wasn't scared to survive
Cuz she always told me things'll straight up open my eyes
My black queen, who stood by me in every thing
She tought me everything, showed me practically everything that I bring
My style's profile, God bless the child
Who was sweet as brown sugar, on top of the pile
Listen and smile, remembering just how we used to be
Back in the day, ya'll took me and sis to D.C.
And she showed us so much, that our hearts felt touched
I had to grow up, realize, I wanted to blow up
Uh, Deadly Venom Rocks the World
Now I got a baby girl, my Asia Arty, we known to rock at every party
Like my grandma Arty, who will always be a part of me, a part of me


[Champ Diva]
This song is kinda hard to spit, never know
That the Champ'll go through so much shit, August 15th
Is when a star was born, October 11th, is when I lost my moms
I lost that bond, feed this, past and palm
Word, I never know, it be days like this, when I would reminisce
On a last kiss, a last wish, she needs to be happy
And get these Benji's no matter what
Keep it in a group or solo, no problemo
Used to sneek my tapes to work, listen to the demo
My daughter, stand in her pride, crossing the border
I told ya, Deadly Venoms, now who want some?
So I bless my moms with a grandson, looking like grandma
Pardon me, resting in peace
The G-O-D, look out for Idi, Taia, Biggie and Pac
Tell them life goes on, hip hop won't stop, baby