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Artist: Deadly Venoms f/ Gems, Ill Knob, Lifestyles
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Rocks the World
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Ill Knob]
The Ill Knob'll make a great earthquake shake when I stomp on the ground
Niggas that front feel the fire from the pound
Fall back, fall back, run for your life
It's the nigga living trife, slide up in your life
Like a tampon, bitches, I leave my stamp on
Whether in the east or the west, I get my lamp on
Low ride or fly high, the north's our bye bye
Nigga where's ya gun, bust a slug and leave 'em numb
Take that, known for giving black eyes and dirty raps
Rolling up in studios, blazing niggas tracks, with fact
Thugged out status, I'm the baddest
#1 contender, nigga, welcome to the madness
Amazed, my style blaze in nine ways
Uppercut, left hook, keep a nigga dazed
Be the Knob, K.G.B.'s and D.V.'s
Klik Ga Bow, knock you out your O with my style

Aiyo, I'm coming through strong arming, straight duffing bitches out
You know the deal, like Puff did Steve Stoute
Pounce on you rap kid for talking that shit
If you can't stand the rain, get the fuck up out my pit
Got my bitches in the front and my niggas in the back
D.V.'s, K.G.B.'s, thugging this track
Killa colabo, what the fuck you thought
All rise, Judge Judy is prosiding court

[Champ Diva]
I'm down with D.V.S., and PMS
The sound of wonder, how I get myself in this miss
A version, Rocks the World, drink til I hurl
Ask Chamel', that's low til the sweat in my curls
Ghetto fabulous, it's all good, you stay mad at us
Keep bling bling, when your mans wanna marry us
Pretty Thuggin' in blue, love, you loved to
Representing my crew, guess whose coming through?
It's the D.E.A.D.L.Y. V.E.N.O.M.S., never the less
Don't get it twisted, we worldwide when we spit shit
You must of missed it, this is risky business
I'm trying to tell you when in the game, remember the name
Venom for the new millennium, still killing them
Kill 'em for the new millennium, ready Venom
What, what, what, we get up in 'em

[Chorus: Champ Diva]
You know we rocks the world, you know we rocks the world
You know we, you know we rocks the world, hey
Cuz ain't nothing to it, but to do it
You know we, you know we rocks the world
To all my east coast standing, yo, we rocks the world
West coast, where you at, you know we rocks the world
Hey, cuz ain't nothing to it, but to do it
You know we, you know we rocks the world, hey

You know this game here pitch black, life's dim in the kit kat
Might as well need a dude, we can chit-chat
where ya head at? Where you lying in the bed at
Mad with your girl, whoadie, dead that
I ain't trying to break Kathy Holmes
Too many curly head dudes, keeping nappy domes
Steady, trying to tap the bones
Think we chill, in the Benz, cuz it's platinum chrome?
Baby boy, I'm in the hooptie, holla back if you in the hooptie
Just keep a full tank, keep it moving
I ain't down if you floss alot
Or, if your salad's getting tossed alot
Rocks the World known to watch a block, X marks the spot
Yo, we gon' keep making it hot

Ya'll half assed, my staff is rolling deep
And bulging out my shirt is swollen heat
No matter if you an MC or rated PG
The rep for DV's, I make you sleepy
Times three, until a nigga sign me
You gon' be asking God, why Life robbed me
Asophagus shots is wobbly, the automatic
Couldn't stop it, polka dotted your whole body
So find me, in your lobby, gon' pop pop
Cats drop, my favorite hobby is robbery
Don't want none of this, when I strike
They call me Lifestyles, Lifestyles, Lifestyles, Life

It's all gravy, grooving, like the gangster movement
My bitches swing left to right, like a dude bed
Flowing like who dat, signing autographs for fans
And groupies, put the CD in they hooptie
Oops-sey, daisy, these Venoms are crazy, you want us to have your baby
But the chance is Slim like Shady
And never in your life will I be your lady
Even if you paid me, I'm just too independant
A loner, sippin' on a whole lotta Coronas
But then I, have a good time, deal with Donna and Penny
Cuz we rocking the world, we getting plenty

Fuck life, I wanna top scratch, flood of the mic
I hand snatch diamonds, slash thug on my ice
Now ante up, pull ya panties up, you running or what?
The remy got me not giving a fuck, we living it up
My bitches blow it up, burn soul when we rolling up
How we rolling up, Gems and Venoms, niggas throw it up
Closed Caption, for your ears, this is life action, up close
And real personal, verbally hurting you

[Chorus 2X]