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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Public Service
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Finesse (J-Boo)]
Yo J? (What up)
I met this shorty at the club
Nigga was iced out, all that
Had platinum on, all that
Got his number, called his house
His moms was like "yo, son, the phone"

[Chorus: N-Tyce]
Pretty thugs, pretty thugs, pretty thugs
Ain't interested in no scrubs, no scrubs
Got to have atleast to have fifty dubs
In your pocket if we giving you love, we giving you love

Boy what's on your mind? We ain't got much time
You said you pushing a Benz, but boy I think you better stop lying
What made you tell the truth, now we gotta give you the boot
Shoo shoo shoo shoo, shoo shoo shoo shoo doop doop doop


[Outro: N-Tyce]
Stop lying, stop lying, stop lying
Stop lying, stop lying, stop lying...
Listen here boy, I don't care if you ride the bus
I ride the bus wit ya
I don't care if you hopin' on the train, we can do that to
But don't tell me you got all this stuff that you really ain't got...