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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Pretty Thugs
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Champ Diva]
A definition of a Pretty Thug, through all the struggle
We thug it out, for the dollars and large amounts
Through all the drama, we made it happen
Forget the yapping, we coming hard, abstracting

And I knew it down the highway, do or die way
Like a Friday, the click says (swing it on the rhyme way)
Fly away in N.Y.C., the crime pay
But I can't front, the sound be the scriber on the nine plate
Give me love, in them #2, Pretty Thugs
How we came and dominated things, it's really bugged
The beat got the 20 dub, to 'blaze' like the magazine
Nowadays, lyrically we known to tag a team
We got them braveheart, kids carry venom trademark
Like the flame feel the heat, Rocks the World get the same spark
You know I'm down with hip hop-hop, even though
When I rock, keep my shirt buttoned up to the top
A business woman's daughter looking out of order
With my tri-tones on, but I freak it when the beat goes on

[Champ Diva]
I break for you cowards that's down, while your shoe size
Isn't all ages, ya'll all strangers, I fuck with nothing
But beggars and soldiers, that way if you get out of line
You get your ass smacked, off your shoulders
As time pass by, get older, much bolder
Put your fingers to work, roll up some douja
I told ya, let me get riots, and high as the night
Hey Reggie Noble, hit me on my mobile
I be so bad, have a bitch seeing double
Let me sober, repping for my two thug, tumble
Face to face, couldn't look me straight in the mug
You heard me, the name is shorty bug..


I be a Pretty Thug, the one you see on the low
Rocking Timberlands, with my pants down low
Army fatigue, belly shirts with tight jeans
The one who got the thug niggas spending all they cream
The one who in the club in the cut looking mean
Rolling over bitches when they step on the scene
Watch the ambush, got them dazed on the hit
Pretty Thugs style, lay a chick to the grit
Feel the wrath, I'm spitting Venom at your mug
This is a definition of a Pretty Thug

Yo, I'm that dime piece, you more Harlem Nights than Della Reese
Represent Atlantic Avenue, bringing the heat
I know the streets like the back of my hand
So understand, is my plan, that'll give you my man
And got no time right now, so you can deal with that
See I'm a Pretty Thug, making sure the dough is stacked
Time to cop a yacht, plus select to travel alot
Hooking up with only thoroughbred niggas rocking my spot
I'm here to smoke alot, truly indeed love the crunk crunk
Soon as a must, I'm only fucking wiht a Don Juan
Handle my biz, Venom #3, ready tuck
Bringing the pain, and causing the mass hysteria
In ya area, we regulating, and keep it tight
We bout it, bout it, no doubt it, just say the name right
DV's, just say the name right, DV's, Deadly Venom keep it tight