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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Pillow Talk
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: N-Tyce]
Pillow talk, we can chit-chat, you got game?
Baby spit that.... ooh, I like you alot
Pillow talk, we can chit-chat, I'm all yours
Come and get that, ooh, I like you alot

Lick me untelectively, stick me unperfectionatly
And tell me all the sweet things you gonna do to me
I like it, when you lay me down, love me riz-ight
And can riz-right, shit, try not to biz-ite
Cuz teeth marks can start a bizarre seminar
The way you sucking on my neck, undoing my bra
Ahh, you got me open like an oven cooking hot rotisserie
How you do it, is a mystery
Please, baby listen to me
Just keep me busting like a tech nine, and we can both shine
Cuz youse my dime piece, more like a quarter
Yes, I'm giving in way you slaughter, this the compass where I had my daughter
Releasing, day to day, stress intensity
Increasing, and knowing just to please me is the reason
Tension, is just a thing of the past
And like Keith, no Sweat, you know how to make it last

You wondering if I be still a cheater, flirty rhyme millimeter
Baby, I don't really need a man, wife beater, met him at the cheater
Manhattan, downtown, got my boogie on
Do I got a man, no, I think you understood me wrong
I'm living single like that Kim Fields chick
I ain't living with no man, to chill all my split bills with
Unless I got a ring on my finger, checking phone calls with caller ID
Turning off my ringer, call back
Pillow talk, we can chit-chat, relax, chill and kick back
I'm never gon' forget that
Time we conversated on the phone, I was home alone
You were out of state with the cell phone on roam
I had my pillow laying next to me
We blessed to be, it's rare when you stressing me
And I don't care who the rest may be, cuz it be all about
You man, so let's do it, yeah yeah


[Champ Diva]
What's popping, my sweetness boo, keep a secret
The closer you get, you find my weakness, now peep this
I've been watching you for a minute, and God my witness
Everytime I mention your name, it got me wishing
Listen for your loving and kissing, I'm on a mission, if you
Kissing, you need to stay the fuck up out the kitchen
From the, day we met, shit just kept me wet
No complains, no regrets, just sweating a good session
Thugging, pulling my hair, kick up the covers
Whisper, in my ear, yo, ma, it ain't no other
Listen, nice and slow getting down for ya'll
Strip you down to your drawers, ooh, baby, I'm yours
Bout it, like P, and it ain't my fault
I said I'm, bout it like P, and it ain't my fault
Pillow talk when I hit that... yeah, yeah, yeah
Oooh, I like it alot

Now I lay me down to sleep, I can't sleep
Cuz I need to figure out how your pillow talk is so sweet
Keep it up, til the tip tip, ooh, baby don't stop
And flip my body til we both dry
I like the way, you do that thang, thang
With your tongue, you be licking on my uhh, you got me sprung
Now let me get my hips through your lips
Can lick my thighs, you know I wanna get it, see you in my eyes
I love it when you give it to me rough
Backshots watching you pull my hair, oh, he think he tough
You know I like it when I lick a butt
I put it down, pillow talk style, now I got a nigga stuck

[Chorus 2X]