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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  Pretty Thugs
Song:   Don't Give Up
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: J-Boo]
Rocks the World, DV's, what
Yo, yo, yo

Aiyo, pump that that, the party just started
Rock it all inside, my whole crew cold hearted
Run up on the set, see who can rock it next
And blast off, and Funk-Funkmaster Flex
Keep the beat flowing, ride the tide like a wave
Roll with screwfaces, hand bombs and grenades
Blowing chickens up, if they don't make the grade
And dust them off, and throw them back in the shade
Yo, you need to stop fronting, get ya body jumping
Another head banger, keep the bassline bumping
Got the crowd wilding out, moving all about
Throw ya hands up, it's time to let the snakes out
Do you like it like this? Yeah I like it like that
Banging in the clubs, where my thug niggas at
Do you like it like this? Yeah I like it like that
Banging in the clubs, where my thug niggas at

Got to give thanks to the Lord, he the one who put me on
Keep me going strong, let me know I'm doing wrong
No longer will I have to sing a sad old song
About the things in my heart, I once gave up on
Just keep the faith, walk a path that's straight
I regulate on suckas that constantly playa hate
Against all odds, when you deal my cards
When I play my hand it'll be the hardest of the hard
All I think about is my entourage
How dreams became reality, now we large
Never giving up on each other, individually
So doing some stuff to her is like doing some stuff to me
Then I gotta raise up on your family
I don't care ya'll be acting wild, family reunion style
A bunch of crown niggas acting like some juveniles
You better show some respect, or we can go straight
To disconnecting, it can get to deathing your body
At the autopsy, cuz at first you tried to rock me
Now you always backstage at the shows trynna jock me
But I got big body guards, and they don't care who you are
You can't rise with the stars

[Chorus: Finesse]
Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up, don't give up
No, no, don't give up, no, don't do it, with your dreams...
Cuz like the words that are in the song
There's no one, no, no, with or without love, yeah

I had a dream, like, something Martin Luther King like
Tyson back in the ring for a mean fight
A country chick on the mic, that don't seem right
But I made a head start through the green light
The phone number, the getter, the hard hitter
May be a lotta things but I ain't a quitter
Matter fact, I be the mic gripper
The holder money type gripper, raid night club, Heine' sipper
This is what an MC notebook look like
Respect the hood, but I came from the good life
Zip code: 27406, double R's crew, dirt road, dust is thick
But it's a, must I stick to the country life
N-Tyce the, little honey's niggas want they wife
So can I get love, miss enchanted
I'm addicted and I can't break the habit

[Champ Diva]
Yo, I lost my moms, with a hurting feeling
For a minute, it had me bugging out, thugging and flipping
I'm only twenty and some change, and my mind ain't right
I got a, son to raise, got to keep shit tight
It's word to hip hop, we gonna rip shots
Son ain't catching, we rob, waiting til the Venom drop
We was hot before the new millennium, and still giving 'em
Pendelum big faces, travel all over the world, seen many places
Try to walk in my footsteps, follow my traces, you caught the vapors
Caught the vapors, watching my every move, for the road, catching the faces

[Chorus 2X]