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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   Word Life
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: J-Boo]
Ain't nobody fucking with me
Word life, cuz niggas know better
Ain't gon' let us shine, shine

Step through, rip 'em all, guess who wanna get raw
It's the chick with bond ransom, you know that's for sure
Of course, Deadly Venom supply the source, break me up a fourth
Run them chickens off course, right off handle the loss
Or could it be, that the things I see
With the same bogus fist that they haunting me
Really though, I need some answers and I need 'em fast
Cuz I'm feeling disrespected and I'm ready to blast
Violation ain't a part of the plan, I thought you knew that
Every since I flew back from O.T., you play a cool cat
But screw that, I don't care who you be
Just to keep the F's to ya self, when you dealing with me
Cuz I have to hate to bring you on up, hit a buck
Lay up in the cut, jump out the bushes and fuck you up
Break you down, I get down like Alcatraz
Or you ain't know, I get on up like cash

I'm on the scene hit the Deck like the Inspectah
Bring you with the mic checker, got more Hype than that director
I 'flip' more 'modes' than Busta Rhymes, rush the times
Now I'm ready for these chicks to rhyme
Poison, the Hush Hush keeper, female cheater
Fly chick, behind the two-seater, break, I need a breather
I exhale like Whitney, do more bobbing than Quincy
I now make it harder for you to come and get me
My style is major when I set it off like Jada
Everybody say I got problems with my behavior
But pardon me, I'm ending careers like Tanya Harding be
No need for calming me, I'm blazing on, it ain't no robbery
Word life...


[Champ Diva]
Disrespect, never criticize my click
Dropping bombs, running through the walls in your bricks
Bringing war, just like the blood and the crips
I see you sweating, never let me see you slip
Guaranteed when I catch it, bound to grab a grip
I'm the shit, everything I kick is legit
Uh, see the forcy Venoms spanking a pit
Me and my Venoms, quick to tag team and get up in 'em
Screaming 'screw you', seeing right through you
Kid you do-do, though I spaz on you, just like voodoo
You better act like you know who you talking to
D.V., D.V.

My day of glory, this is how I tell my story
A born killer, ready to set it on it, squealer
I got words you wanna flip, but I got crips
For all that bullshit, to lay that ass to the grit
Word life, I'm living trife, surrounded by thugs
Who dropping slugs in your mugs, through the night
Ah, I visualize in crime, black leather gloves
The dub with a prince that I might of left behind
And I don't ever have to worry, my crew will bury
The body, and throw it off the Staten Island Ferry
Styles are cramped, cuz I leave 'em damp when they nap
Ain't nothing sweet coming out my Deadly Venom camp
I'm amped, so now I gotta bring it to ya raw
Flip the cheddar, and hold it down with my dogs
Live it no better, if they even try to intertwine
Back at you cats, two for times, setting mine

[Chorus 4X]