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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Andidote
Song:   What, What
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Finesse]
Yeah, yeah, uh, I know you feeling me, what
Venomous style, what, uh, what, what, what

[Hook 2X: J-Boo]
Viper, Chameleon, Scorpion, Poison

See I'm the real mack, lay back, camouflage cutie
Do my duty to blow like Hootie, without promoting the booty
And still getting them Huxtables like Rudy, and making sure
I school my daughter to the 'facts of life' like Tootie
Yo, Boo, see them bitches out there, they moody
That's why I pack the tooly and quick to bust like the coolie
And wishing anybody that think they can rule me
That's when I trash the toolie, and cock harder with the uzi

I resurrect, I put my whole team on the set
Bet you didn't know you fucking with a bunch of vets
Down for years, we about to make it happen
Forget the yappin', we coming hard, ass cracking

[Champ Diva]
Indeed, I got all I need, cash and weed
And shorty plus I got a seed to feed, no need for greed
Besides I'm ahead of the lead, you all can bleed
I'm not afraid to bust, you can't be trust
Venom gonna watch me rush, while I crush
Make one move, we bum rush
That's, what we hit 'em with God, Deadly had the rhythms
Spitting Venom all up on in 'em, hittin them straight
To your guts, split you from your face to your nuts
Nigga please, feeling me, feel on these
Feel these, OGs, Original Goddess
We plot this, showstoppers of this rockness
Hot shit, so stop the nonsense
Stop the nonsense, stop the nonsense

[Chorus: Champ Diva (samples)]
What, what, what, what "Deeper and deeper" - The Notorious B.I.G.
What, what, what, what "All in together now" - Method Man
What, what, what, what "Deeper and deeper" - The Notorious B.I.G.
What, what, what, what "Things are getting good looking better now - Method Man

Poison coming at you hillbilly style, watch the money really pile
You think you better than me? Yo, you'se a silly child
Rock crowds in Philly, wow, remain effeminete
Flirting with dudes age 20, the mininum
Our single vow lifestyle be living lovely
Like the smell of cologne, the roaming, when the nigga hold me
Deadly Venom got it locked like a jail cell
We all fly like air mail, guaranteed ya'll with the bail bail

Walk the streets, loaded strap, ain't no looking back
If you want it, you can get your muthafucking wig pushed back
Like that, it's the J B, Double O
With the flow, thugged out on the low
Rep from QB, Deadly Venom be my squad
Peace to the Earths, peace to the Gods
Elevate my soul like the earth's on the row
Evolve evil thoughts that my mind can't control
What, what, what, what, nigga what you gon' do?
Can you hold it down, when you up against my crew
I think not, cuz you can't hold us down like that
We be on that like that, running chicks off the map

Uh, what, what, while dudes peepin' at my butt
Watch this rap chick bust all over these cuts
Listen all dogs and mutts, never try me
Hardcore pretty thugs, flyest, seen nigga eyein' me
Yeah, it's all good, whatever, various engines
Navigating over microphones together
That's how you spell Venom out, cow girl hats
And them out, where ya boys at, baby, send them out

Send them out, we rock the stage, the crowd engage
When they pump in they fists or in the colleseum doing the wave
Venoms control and all my bitches holding
Bloods cold in your air, the snake sound when we rolling