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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   The Way We Feel
Typed by: Cno Evil

Come and go see creep with me, secretly
Male companion frequently, meet with me
Poison, you can expect the unexpected
Jail contact vision corrected you get injected

Step up if you wanna bring, I sit back and let Mary sing
While you niggas fiending
Wishing you could roll with these rap chicks
Come a dime a dozen, pushing fat whips with the mack clip

[Champ Diva]
I love my bitches, and my bitches come first
If worst comes to worst, somebody's gonna get hurt
So step out of way, nah, come equipped, don't play
I got a pro arm, make room or make my way

What's the schematic, heard you was a leaner, acting dramatic
Poppin' static, if you step in my zone, it's in the tragic
Watch 'em tag it, like an item, when I bag it
Dag it, gotta put it in, through these magnets

Yo, lyrically I be able, to bring it back like a turntable
Disconnect like illegal cable
Fan my horizon, pocket sizing
Watch you with my left eye like Rison
Cash double flash eagle, my nigga ask, don't spread rumors
Wanna know something, ask me
Protect Ya Neck's the click, with my big head
With the hit, yeah, you know I be the chick that's slick
In my drop top, rocking Clue tapes, making true tapes
Off the platinum hits my crew makes
Check it, three three six area codes
Various soul, Deadly Venoms out of control

[Champ Diva]
I'm a rebel, I'm a rebel, grab before the gun will shovel
Digging a bigger hole, take it to a different level
Getting emotional, but wont stop me from hurting you
Or catch guns to punch it to you
Well over due, here's a crew, I'm putting it down
For my crew, shorty one love, pulling the plug
One love, hundred percent, DV, represent
Keep my face in the bill, like the president

Get the raw feeling, it's Chamelly and it's repping silly
Cuz things ain't chilly, I want yall bitches to feel me
When I spark like a Philly, or bust like a milli
I talk a four five, like you bad ass Billy
So see me, DV, have you wining like BB
I can't help myself, I'm O.G.
D.V., with heart like a Bee-Gee
OC'd out like a Y.G., why me, I keep this shit lively

Last in, never give a fuck who you are
You don't know I'm bout to be a mega superstar
Who am I? I be the cause of your only lost
My goal is to reign supreme like Diana Ross
Coming through on the low, I do my dirt when I'm do
Headed for my next show

[Chorus: J-Boo]
Just can't help the way, that we feel
Venoms keep it real, so we bring the raw deal
I don't care what you feel, cuz we heading the bill
So you niggas best to chill, before shit get real