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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   Slice Like Swords
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Finesse]
DV, DVs in your area, uh, yeah
Bout to set it, ya know
They don't make no songs like these
They don't make no songs like these

Uh, abracadabra it's the money grabber
Backstabber, coming at your house on the matter with my pockets fatter
Just a Venom in me, got no control over mind body and soul
Had all clowns playing the wall
Total recall with the power of Storm, see ya'll refuse to fall
So keep it moving like the U-Haul
And if ya'll wanna be a baller, then ride with me
But if you wanna piss me off, then collide with me
Either way, you know my name and my claim to fame
First name Chamel', last name is still the same
Hocus pocus, niggas float this while I loc' this
Like I'm gang banging, khaki hanging with the ferocious

Yo Chamel', what's mine is our, keeping money in more 'banks' than Tyra
I can be your boo secret admirer, taking it a step higher
Pulling niggas even if I'm in a hoopty with a flat tire
Top the Venom flyer, put the jester, Poison Clan do the OK blockbuster
Can rock rush ya, any foreign land we gon' slam with the fam, yo
Forget the great jelly, we gon' jam, cuz see
We navigator of mics, we navigate now through sunset
Better chill kid cuz I ain't even done yet
Who the nicest? That be me, that's what some bet
Got no feelings cuz I'm a numb vet, banging like Sheila E. on drum sets
I come threats, forget looking sexy, yo I bum sets
Sweet and innocent but sneaky, giving dudes fake numbers
Still telling them to beep me
Cuz yo yo, game recognize game, son
If you coming corny, take it back where you come from

[Chorus: Finesse]
My crew, slice like swords, bringing the raw
Hard to the core, had the clowns playing the wall
My crew, slice like swords, bringing the raw
Hard to the core, had the clowns playing the wall
My crew, slice like swords, bringing the raw
Hard to the core, had the clowns playing the wall
Cuz they don't make no, they don't make no
They don't make no songs like these, period

Usually, got my click running wild, living foul
Scheming like vultures on the prowl
Best protect that, divide and conquer all
If I'm going down, then we all got to fall
So make it rain like Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
I'm blasting anybody caught dippin' in my funds
We on the run, and we slice like swords
You can play the top, while I'm creepin' on the floor
Settle the score, or we can end it right now
This ain't no game, best believe, that's how it's going down
I keep it raw, but disrespect, it becomes more
I flip it once again, no regrets, it becomes war
Operation lockdown, we shut it down
Killa Queen Bees swarming all through your town

[Champ Diva]
Peep the scenario, the God's that get ill, but you don't hear me, yo
Even though we out for the skrilla, natural born killas
Deadly, spitting Venom on your name, catch me now
Thoughts full bars, in the game, it's time to switch lanes
Put a load of speed on it, coppin' a plea, baby
It ain't no need for it, I be ya first lady
Shady, hold a .38 acting crazy
Bust you in your face, now your eye's lazy
That's what you get for trying to play me
But then again, you don't got enough friends
When it comes up to these Benjamins
Just me and my dogs, outlaw, bringing the bomb
Kicking the door, bringing the four-four, what what?
Just another day in the cut, rolling a Dutch
Swollen cheeba Indian hutch
Sold in your dreams, fiend for the master cream
My team, bean like a triple beam on the scene, knawimean
On some ghetto shit, keep your hand in it
Never scandalous, taking trips to Los Angeles
Taking my papes to get established
Think you looking fabulous, you got jokes, you hilarious


[Outro: Champ Diva]
What, yeah, DVs, 2Gs, Poison Clan, yeah
We slice like swords, bringing the war, what what
Yeah, uh, venomous, poisonous, but you ain't ready for this, come on
Yeah... uh...