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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   Pockets Stay Deeply
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: J-Boo]
Time to make paper, watch the venomous snake
It's so sweet, we creepy, set the bank on the weekly
We creep, invest and trust in loans
That's only discretly, the pockets stay deeply

Imbedded, with them dead niggas facing the same way
Single crease, gotta switch ya life with trees
To get this shit on point (want me now)
Viper got hyper, said we breaking 7:30 tonight
Packed the over night bags, stashed the mag
Cuz I don't shy, just in case we gotta drop it by
The Mazaratti, be in front of a vice
(So when we hit Miami Beach, and we think shit is mutual with thieves)
When we rich, they wont be too much talk about the breaching contract
Puffing the wild pitch, with a plan the bombs at
(Aiyo, prepare for combat) we step in the red zone, somebody thrown, head getting blown
Southeast to roam, I don't give a rat's ass the succatash
From the mass pass dealings
Freeze, I royal these bees, tried to hurt the feelings
Black Jesus, with roof, to hit you from the ceiling
Women and dealing, make this bitch feel pose
So now it's time to make the company go, let's roll and get paper


[Champ Diva]
Just about to land, with the plan, we plot
Hitting twelve o'clock on the dot, blowing the spot
Mazaratti looking red hot, making reservations on the celly
Setting up the telly, I'm Deadly
It's time to make this conference call, Chameleon where you at
(On the same level as the C.E. nigga, in the arms of the devil)
True, well I'm going all out like the boys in blue
Step into my biz, that we get bid for in this rap game
Try to put the streets in the same, but it got game
And the plan is, to sit back and watch ya suffer and feel the pain
Never discover, the junk, old people could be so lame, yo, yo
Let the company, to get g's
Give me my cheese, ya'll want it, well you wanting these
Freeze a crowd of four is company
Heading for my enemies, here's the remedy
Rule and regulations, I'm chasing, the head nigga in charge
Here's a one on one, wanna be facing
Cuz time is wasted, I ain't playing, money escaping
Deadly but they like a patient, patient, patient
Like a patient... and it's

[Chorus 2X]