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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Andidote
Song:   Ladies Room
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: N-Tyce (J-Boo)]
Let's have a meeting in the ladies room, time to climax
Forget what you thinking, better speak fast
(You need it, you ask) that's what we trying to find
Laid it all down, to ease the mind (whatever happens happen)

[Champ Diva]
C-H, Amp M.C., you amping me
Playing both sides of the canape
Ride the energy, these in the city, don't trust in these
Catching body, for dropping the philosophy

I don't know if it's game or I'm born insane
But I never take my own life like Kurt Kobain
And no pain got me thinking everybody be the enemy
Determined who real or who pretend to be a friend to me

Who done it, well I don't know, but I'm a chick that's wanted
Covered they prints, so I waited of the moon to snitch
I'm up for they chips, in a '98 whip
Now they call the crib, talking all kinds of shit

It was a raining day, sky gray, the perfect crime
My chicks are smoked out, about a quarter to nine
That's when the court came through, I guess it's true
Up on the roof, clocking everything they do

Yo, shut ya mouth, right outside of the house
With the cops fully loaded, we be taking them out
Test, Scorp and Viper got the east and the west
No doubt, me and Poison got the north and the south

[Champ Diva]
Keep watching me, sneaky like the snake in the lake
And probably, to blind to see, to hold on tight
I know you wondering, if I got the deadly bite
You damn right, shorty brought on, I bring the hype

Peep the set-up, check my format, I got the map
Got my fangs drippin' venom, hanging ready to attack
Let me find out, you running game on my tracks
Hold you in my pit and watch the snakes bite back

It started late night, I thought I had my game tight
But more than this had you stayed bright, than future yo it ain't right
I hate to say it, but I'm telling the truth
Venoms bringing all the action to protect the youth


They aim to shut us down, but they can't
We all slithering, Poison running through the camp
Got the nines with the hollow tips, to keep us amp
One false move, watching niggas get down

Yo, this is how it is, not how it can or how it could be
I'm hearing mad flow, talk it out and in the hood, see
But ain't nobody saying who did it, nobody saying who done it
Now we got a private eye, back it dowm, who run it

I thought they caught me red handed like a bandit
I'm the one to be reprimanded, can't stand it
I got the vampire grip, niggas can't damn it
Got to chucker credit cards when I scanned it

[Champ Diva]
For real, who brought G and Anne and through shit to dame
Now I'm making men like John McClane
The venomous slang, tonight just ain't the same
It's on again, Scorpion, to score again

It's turning to an ending, this case is pending
We got mad money spending, and ain't even a clue on who befriended
Ready to send it, assume position, my intuition
We gon' end it on a blind mission

For sure, how you did it, rather do you raw
Tap jaw, break law and sip the finest of core
RZA store from the poison pure, naturally mine
Like Al B. Sure, feel the four, to kick door

[Chorus 2X]