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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   Formulate
Typed by: Cno Evil

Yo who the, run amuck and try to be as fly as us
Get by like us, to get bust right to dust
In hell we trust, feel the devilish lust
Weed 'em up, chump chump, we beat 'em up, stomp stomp
See the words you must observe, swing word by calm
Just main fact, that you got the whole crew strapped
Think you live the big hill, live in this
And youse a grown bitch, but you bound to feel what's next

[Champ Diva]
I sware, I can't stand my own kind, out of line
In my face, wanna be me, try'nna shine
Playing slick, make a chick wanna get rich
Cut you quicker, the Jack the Ripper, you play the gold digger
Find your own nigga, get the pictures tooken
To an evil dummy, sitting up in central booking

[Chorus: Finesse]
Bitches wanna formulate what we got
Get hot, blow up the spot, but my crew think not
Knew we was coming for a while, but a style all foul
But you fail, the Venom sound made for all females

Catch the young criminals that I'm surrounded by
Bitches own, hold ya own, before you get blown
Watch this top dog, rip the microphone hot
After this, I bet you Venoms gonna be known
As the sound of my voice come down, crack the concrete
Knocking niggas off they feet
Your best bet to step before you get that body wet
By the way, that's a promise, so fuck a threat, fuck a threat

I be attacking, any nigga that be acting
Like they packing, quick to kick 'em in they back end
Sacking like a quarterback, exercise like Nordatrack
Before you speak, you better know the facts
My everyday's like vacation, with my Sony PlayStation
Looking half black and Asian
Regular love, location, in your car system
Brrr, ah-hah, stick 'em, another male victim
Formulating, we get with 'em, off we hit 'em like
New Edition, now we in position, bring the competition

Crook to our game, you and your crew, you wanna step through
Don't playa hate me, cuz your plans failed through
Cuz I'mma get down, dirty, nasty as I wanna be
Venom one, keeps it hot, for my other three
Shiesty, sneaky, deadly, it's how
We be, Deadly, see?

[Chorus 2X]