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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   Evils
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: N-Tyce (Champ Diva)]
Aiyo, I think we need to lace this track about the evil that women do
You know what I mean (word up)
People don't be really knowing how ladies get down
With the evils... (it's the evil that women do that won't hurt ya)
How we lace this (how we lace this) how we lace this, what
Uh, how we lace this, what uh, how we lace this
It's the evil women do (it's the evil women do)
Yo, it's the evil women do (it's the evil women do)
Yo, it's the evil women do (it's the evil women do)
Aiyo, it's on you, J-Boo, what

Evil works in many forms and many fashions
Money stashing, car crashing, a woman's passion
Mind tricks are a women's favorite game
Inflict pain, to break the reign, keep it insane
It's the forces that be, that make me wanna see
What evil, that I can do to he, mmm
Let me see shall I creep around with his mans
Out of town, trips, night flights to Japan
Living plush, forbidden style that I must
Indulge, just to get a head rush
I blush, but it's the evil that intrigues
Be a bee, the demon that you see inside of me
The evil mind, combine with the right time
My zodiac's, the Capricorn beetle sign
Never mind what you heard, cuz you know mine
It's the evil that's inside

[Chorus: J-Boo]
The evil women do keeps your mind on the rise
Full of suprise, despite the lie after lie
Jealousy warps the command, that's to conive
The evil that we do is the evil that's inside

Had to, smother my lover, don't ask why
Caught him out there on the deep cover, trying to be fly
Couldn't believe my eyes, just with him
Was the coolest, mackadocious, I should see him and forgive him
Cuz brother he look so damn good, but his brain is not ready, I don't know
I'd rather hit him and forget him, you know
Instead of loss without a worry, so peep the flow
Now I'm plottin', and he don't know I be so rotten
He might of forgot and, oh now the steeze that got amnesia
Don't mean to please ya, get you rocky and tease ya
Flick my feet up with -- baby, now I got to leave ya
Hit me on my horn, later, love the vibrator
Cousin let me know that you'se a punk perpertrator
The Venoms called it, since your whole style's wiggity
What, be the niggity, what, no diggity
And if you think that I was riding your jock
Stop it, and have my man's just for punching the clock

[Champ Diva]
It's the evil that women do that make me who I am
Last name Johnson, first name Kim
I took a good punch, bob or weave with my lyrical skills
Thinking like a Champ, plus I got to live to kill
Chill back, stab a rapper, always stay dapper
Kids and crackers, catch wreck if we have to
Leaving disaster, make you feel the pain after
Venoms style, the prince'll break fool for the master
Coming through, like a hit and run so we crash ya
Venoms spotlight, the head basher, we through faster
Punk if you go, for the four Deadly flow
Tell me how many ways can you flip the dough
You know, four way, and it's high, four ways
Making cheddar, it's one love, forever
See I'm scheming, plotting, to plan on the go
Here I'm creeping, for real, it's time to get even


Yo let me tell you how chicks is, some be evil like triple sixes
Shady like when treason sunned Nixon's
This is what I go through, type of beat I flow to
I gets down right nasty like tofu
Thought you knew that my whole crew, is cabby
And never serve meat to vegetarians
The heart breaker, rump shaker, money shaker
The belle breathe taker, while you'se a faker
Smooth broken language, with a hustle
I make jams smooth every muscle, the must to
Feel good vibrations, yeah
When I'm traveling the nations, niggas stare
You know I run to run game, baby, beware
Be my pitty pat bear, right here
It's, a dog eat dog world to survive
But I flip the evil and get live, right?

[Chorus 2X]