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Artist: Deadly Venoms
Album:  The Antidote
Song:   Everything
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Champ Diva]
I love everything about you, I'm feeling that
When I tell you that I need you, you got my back
Is the game that you run on, that got me sprung on
Aiyo, boo, it's you, I got the crush on

[Champ Diva]
I remember the first time we met, I was wet
Eyes low, tipsy, crazy bent off of hydro
My flow, sniff a nigga out like Fido
From day one, handle my biz and get the jobs
And especially, if I think boo is my type
Never for sight, I'mma snatch him up tonight
Treat him right, you best to believe the hype
Sweating mines, guard ya grill, prepare to fight
It's kinda hard to express how I feel for you
But it's not doubt in mind, I got love for you
Kisses and hugs for you, I love the thug in you
And when we argue, I hate for you to act brand new
Talk about, you can bail, go and hang with your crew
Say everything is everything, you know how we do
Keep it real, hold it down, no matter what we go through
I love everything about you, you, you


Look here, I ain't ever been in love, probably never will
But you the type that I kick it with and chill, never stingy with your bills
I can imagine, us in the country, raising kids up in the cabin
A family man, cruise the Benz wagon
Never worry what your friends, you gotta hang out with men's day
But every Wednesday, that be the kids day
But really now, you gotta understand, I'm kinda busy now
No time for a kitty now, I'm in the big city now
Making adjustments, no need to rush it, I got you love sick
When you check me making moves on the bus quick
No matter where I am, I can't hide (you by my side)
The 8 by 10 glossy, in my ride (yeah you by my side)
Forget me not, I got what it takes to get you hot
Like Folger's good to the last drop, don't stop
You got to me a dance, now think about our little romance
You roll with me, you take a chance


I can't believe how I'm feeling so far, you got me open
Got me bugging like you some superstar, what's up?
Can I get your autograph on the picture, Mr.
Busy all the time, finding it hard to catch it with ya
I can't wait to do a show in your town
I be calling you, telling you, yo you and your boys come down
So we can get to know each other, a little better and better
I've been digging your steelo, and that's why I wrote you that letter
Trust me, you the only nigga real to me
You know the deal with me, and everything I'm going through
Cuz you feeling me, conversations on the phone
I wonder what will happen, if me and you was alone
It don't matter, whatever, as long as we both getting cheddar
Living better, mother freak the weather
But shine, you get yours, and I get mine
And you can come and check me anytime, anytime

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 2X: singer]
I love, I love everything about you baby
I love, I love everything about you... ohh
I love, I love everything about you baby
I love, I love everything about you, ohh, I love