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Artist: Deadly Venoms f/ Ol' Dirty Bastard, Shorty Shitstain
Album:  The Andidote
Song:   Drug Free
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Kids, don't get high
Mothafuckas had me up in this mothafucka, last night and shit
I'm cocained the fuck up
Paranoid as a motha.. yo I'm paranoid as a fucka
Yeah, fuck that.. yo I fuck around and shit
I sprained both of my fuckin' fingers
This shit.. man a nigga need to get.. I'm tired of gettin' high like that
Ain't nobody came in my mothafuckin' school with no mothafuckin' drugs
Stop fuckin' wit me niggas, stop fuckin' wit me
Nigga, that shits all in my family, nigga
Stop fuckin' wit me, the fuck is you talkin' bout?
On the strength, what the fuck is you talkin' bout?
We've been here too many years to stop fuckin' wit me

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Nigga I'm scared of the trigga
While I'm the life giver and the life taker
I'm your father-in-law, married to mother-in-law
Got the universe movin' in the form of the sea-saw
You killed 2Pac and Biggie, you know they was rollin' wit me
You paid for your stupidity
You can't do nothin' to me! I let your fuckin' fly free
Nigga, I'm pioneerin' all the sound ya hearin'
Earth from steerin', high mountaineerin'
I sincerely fuck you up severly by the yearly
Keep the sky clearly
I'm straight from the seventies
Mockneck colors wit ya bitch ass disappearin'
Give me clearance, I don't want no fuckin' interference!
I'm the Big Black Jesus!

Throw ya hands in the air! And wave 'em, fuckin' Wu don't care!
And if ya +'Bout It, 'Bout It+
Like we're +'Bout It, 'Bout It+, let me hear ya say, "Oh yeah!"
Oh yeah! Well, oh yeah!

I smoke woolers too, I majored the dust
Uh, it's legal for me
I drink everything, I don't give a fuck
It's part of the universe
Hey, what else I do? I do what I do
Man, fuck that! I stays high!
I don't give a fuck!

[Shorty Shitstain]
I be the rap head and the mic's my pipe
I'm about to get everybody high tonight
You ain't had no cool shit like this since '95
My Cuffie tribe is mad live, people do or die
and I be comin' with the good shit, somethin' like dope
I know you smoke it, but you won't get high, off this note
Have you up, really up like cocaine, you thought you could reign?
but all you did was throw mad pain, like diamonds
You could say I'm the lady's best friend
and when it come to makin' lyrics, I'ma represent
Yo, climbin' the charts like a cat
I'm rollin' with mad clips and gats
I can't be stopped, like this is Shitty City

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Kids, don't use drugs!
Durg Free! Drug Free! Drug Free!
Durg Free! Drug Free! Drug Free!
Drug Free! Drug Free!

{*beat cuts off*}

Dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun
Dunh, do-do-do-duh-duh-duh
Maybe I was a fool, dun-do-na-na-na
When you say gettin' high wasn't cool, do-na-na-na
When I got used to this stuff, dun-duh-na-na-na
{*snorting*} Wasn't enough..

{*beat comes back in*}
Drug Free! Drug Free! Drug Free!

[Champ MC]
Yo bow down, we in the war with no images
I know you're feelin' us, DV's and Black Jesus
+Protect Ya Neck+, niggas better hit the deck
And ya chick better give us respect, respect
Eh-yo, my spit squad break ho's in like cavities
On the majority, shit you kick been borin' me
It's real logical, gain my strength, the biological
The role model, rock ya cradle, no one's survivin' me
The God-show, to yo' respect, we need to bless you
On some other, under the weather, we undercover
Stick stickin' 'em, shakin' 'em down, you know the program
Get wit it, Venoms and Wu, we stay committed
Committed, what what what? Uh-huh..

[?? (Shorty Shitstain) {*ODB rambling in background to fade*}]
Baby.. Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus
Deadly Venoms - Chameleon, Poison, Scorpion, Viper
Chameleon, Poison, Scorpion, Viper (Brooklyn Zu!)

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Lemme tell y'all fuckas somethin'
I ain't got nothin' against no one
Y'all fuckas always go somethin' against me
Fuck you! Men in Black!
Drug Free!