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Artist: Down South f/ The Funkaholic, Bobbito
Album:  Lost in Brooklyn
Song:   Spin Da Boddle
Typed by: Matt Jost

Is this a hoedown?

[ Soda Pop ]
Aw shucks, who let the fizz out the bottle?
The fizz is what it is, and yo, the fizz is in the fuzzle
( ? ) because I'm fillin in that puzzle
The fizz man's a Soda Man which comes in a can, man
But keep that bottle spinnin, you know we got a crowd of critics
That keep grinnin for nine full innings
I did a hoe a hoe, the hoe was a see, I see
First she saw, now she don't see-a me
One bops to my funky sound of my jukebox
First off the ( ? ), second I watch draws drop
Then again you bought that [edited] from the ( ? )
Two tits and two butt cheeks, two for one, like Noah
And if you wonder, Dog Wonder didn't do it
Didn't wanna puruse it, didn't drop no soda fluid
So I was Spaaaaaaace - Ghost

[ (The Funkaholic) ]
Spin the jug, do what the thug representin Funkaholic
On the real with Soda Fizz and then my nuts lightly salted
Altered states for a spare to hit my [edited] back at home
Just above the Mason-Dixon, sticks and stones can break my bones
But words can take your girl, so I suggest you watch her closely
I'm low-key when I do the hokey-pokey, hung like Smokey
( ? ) Southern Comfort, Unforgettable as Nat King Cole
Swing soul, the fat King Creole
Stolen goods from Robin Hoods, Woodstock type of fellow
Burn your lodge, jump in my car, smoke some lye, bring out the jello
Freaky as a sideshow, ( ? ) homemade funk
Yes stinkin, Shawn J. filled it till it stunk
With he vittles on my criddle, little cribs ( ? )
Far as mom's cookin but the city's still scary
So don't funk around, Down South, Funkaholic
Spin the jug, I likes to chug my 40 ounces out the toilet

[ (The Funkaholic) ]
Plug me in so that the juices can come
I was waitin by the waters, but now summoned by the drum
That old southern fried funk drove my taste buds looney
Original stinky flavors concentratin in the boonies
I say, say, say like Michael Jackson
There ain't no holdin me back ( ? ) for the action
No freaky deaky duo far out like Little Anne
I carve a spoon ( ? ) and left the groove heads buzzin
( ? ) the funk wizard swing with Art Blakey
Rhymes are great but never corny nor flakey
Virginia Finally like CeCe but not too ( ? )
I bring the bottom on the glass so I can stick it in your [edited]
I be toe to toe with an out-Stretched Strong-Arm
Peace but no cease when we begin to drop bombs
Back to the ranch, short stay in the city
Funk bottles everywhere, broken glass ain't too pretty

[ Shawn J-Period ]
Spin the bottle with my [edited]
( ? ) who'd figured
That we'd be hip-hoppin on TV
While the lama kicks drama syndicate, that's my mama
I'm a not a hooker average girl looker
Cook my collards in a cooker like Superfly Jimmy Snuka
I float like a ( ? ) steel boat down your river
Drop the cargo, COD UPS delivers
I'm supportin, I guess there won't be no abortin
Now I wanna see the warden
Crisco ( ? ) in this picnic
KFC chicken and some bisquits
Andy Duncan and my man from Dunkin Donuts eatin Trisquits
( ? ) Nabisco, visit San Francisco
Then I'ma relax down south with Donna Summers at the disco
Prefer down-to-earth shorties, no swingin hoardie-tordies
Not too often I drink beer but [edited] pass the 40

[ Bobbito ]
Bobbito is ah... isms get bisms
When I shoot my verbal jisms
I grip hips when I chase 'em, I won't slip
Purr lips when I dip, dive low in the -
Much tip, flip scripts to make ya moms wanna itch her clitoris
It's just that your moms is an incredible horny [edited]
Didn't mean to jolt your moms
But when we said spin the bottle she couldn't stay calm
She took the bottle full throttle and stuck it in her poo-poo
Pulled it out slow, oo-ooh, and now I'm cuckoo
I went down south and I discovered a crew
Plus the Funkaholics awarded me peace, so Honolulu